There are dark holes in what make us whole.

The gaping gaps we dread to face and feel.

The holes we wish to bury,

Hoping that they’re no longer real

Abandoned among eternal darkness in fear,

We mourn the missing, the hurt the pains, the gone.

But just because our dark holes...

There is divine beauty through the stillness

There is meaning to old pains

There is truth and wonderment in everything we have and do,

So we realise life can be reclaimed.

The men and women here before us,

Knew the ancient wisdom of these grounds

Knew how to feel, and truly...

I have dwelled in a body, so small it could break,

Mind numbingly cold, perhaps not awake?

Lost in a bubble, the passing world but a blur

Seemingly safe, and yet fickle, without connection or care.

Hiding in the darkness of starvation,

so the world might perceive,

this woman...

Restrictive forms of eating disorders are often associated with individuals being obsessed with pounding away on the treadmill at the gym, running for miles around a park, or ritualistically participating in workout routines from You Tube and Instagram… whether that be...

Pardon me for being rude, 

but who the heck gave anyone permission to judge our food? 

I once ate chocolate, chips and cake with guiltless glee 

But now it seems everyone is lactose averse and gluten free

Gone are the days when food could be of pure pleasure

Now its simply...

There was Once upon a Time, and there will be Another Time.

There once was a time where I could allow myself to be happy and nourish myself well without a second thought or a tinge of remorse. 

A Time when I actively sought out ways to nurture myself rather than seek way...

“Don’t you look well!” 

That it would seem. A gleaming picture of health and wellbeing

But thats news to me, its not what I feel

What you see is a mask of what I conceal. 

I feel low life, disgusting, worthless, impure.

The infection inside is too viciously cruel to ever be...

As you set out upon the endurance testing road of recovery, you may begin to notice that not all is what is seems.

Or, more interestingly, you are not what you have seemed.

Of course these vague questions could mean anything, but I’m specifically referring to what it f...

There was a time when I worked so hard,

Getting A’s at university

But the acolade I wanted most 

Was the prestigious PhD 

I’d work late into evenings,

Running from the library to and fro

All in the hopes I’d be accepted for a PhD

Letters I did’t fully know.

I tried to please m...

Whether you are recovered from an eating disorder/disordered eating or are still enduring the battle for freedom, you may have experienced times where you have felt lost and unknowing where to turn next. Maybe you have found yourself at a point where you can’t fathom w...

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