Cutting Out Food Groups - Separating The Fad, Fact and Fiction

Many of us have experienced times where we hear about the latest diet trend, food scare or superfood. Eat less of this and you’ll lose x amount of weight and reduce your risk of x disease. Eat more of this and live longer... By reading the latest headlines and magazine articles, or simply viewing a new food recipe or blog from a well known lifestyle ‘expert’. we are encouraged to mistrust food, obsess about nutrients, count calories, fear certain substances, and even eliminate whole entire food groups. These days, in a world where there has been a boom in something I call ‘healthism’, it has become hard for many of us to escape seeing words such as gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, soya f

Overworking Yourself is Like Over-boiling a Kettle ?!

As you may have noticed already (or maybe not), I like to use quite a lot of strange analogies when sharing the philosophy of Nourishing Routes and helping to grasp it. This week, I have thinking a lot about kettles. Yep, you heard me correctly, that essential piece of kitchenware that allows you to make your comforting cup of tea or coffee... The reason a kettle springs to mind is because I have been thinking a lot about boiling points. In human terms, I think of our boiling point as the time where we have reached our energy potential. We have placed so much energy into a certain task at hand and now, before we go any further, we must switch off. For a kettle, unlike most human beings, it k

Do You Search on the Outside for the Answer ?

Are you one of those people who search outside of themselves for an answer or reassurance for an unsolved problem. We probably all are from one small degree to another bigger one. Instead of looking inside yourself to find the real truth for an answer in your life you probably already know, do you instead turn to google, multiple research articles, You Tube videos, magazine articles or the public lives of other people? Do questions of should I do x, y z, or follow x, y or z lifestyle become based on what we see others do, or their own viewpoints on matters instead of our inner gut feeling? This post isn’t criticising looking for answers in others, as other people’s life experiences and evide

You Are Deserving of Recovery !

Eating disorders, just like us human beings in general, can be present in a vast variety of forms. Anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, orthorex

Becoming Your Authentic Self is a Bit Like Making a Victoria Sponge Cake …

From time to time, or even every day, many of us can feel as though we are not being true to ourselves. More to the point, we can feel as though we are following the path of someone else, some external expectation, while feeling further and further away from revealing and becoming our authentic selves. Becoming your authentic self involves living a life that is directed by your own purpose and values, where thoughts and actions feel aligned and true to your whole sense of self. I think we have all probably felt that strange and unnerving pang in our stomach when something just doesn’t feel right, yet we go along with a particular idea or behaviour due to the pressure of trying to please some

Working Together Like Redwood Trees?

Sometimes it can feel as though we are best working alone in our projects. We want things done OUR way, and we want to get things right the way we would like to. There are many times when we fear that letting anyone step in to offer a helping hand feel like more of a threat than a kind gift of genuine support. However, in our bid to get everything right on our own terms, we lose sight of the fact that most tasks we will ever carry out as human beings are never done singlehandedly. Whether that be starting your own business, landing your dream job, making the grades at school, succeeding in a particular sport, game or competition, or even giving birth, we are never alone in our actions. More

Is Sugar the Devil ?

Well, apart from the issue of placing any kind of morality on what we eat, the answer lies in recognising that sugar is a founder or memories and social connections When you blew out your candles on that specially made birthday cake. Sugar played a part When you flipped your first ever pancake, sugar played a part When you were given chocolate by your one true love, sugar played a part When you ate pic n mix sweeties with your best friend, sugar played a part When all of your family shared that box or speciality tin of chocolates on christmas, sugar played a part When you iced fairy cakes for your school's tombola, disco or charity event, sugar played a part This is not to say that sugar mad

What is Your True Connection with Food

Where is your true connection with food and what you choose to eat? Is it in remembering the exact amount of Calories that are contained within certain foods? Is it in checking how much food you need to lose weight? Is it in searching through reams of blogs, You Tube Channels and Instagram feeds to see how you can perfect your diet? Is it though planning out exactly what you are going to eat in advance so that you can avoid any 'temptations' or 'fear foods'? Is it through double checking that whatever you consume is as 'clean', nutritious or as plant-based as possible ? If the answer is yes to any one of these questions, then I would like you to ask yourself, honestly, if this is the type of

Your Body is a Gift

Your body is a gift, and you don't have to wait until Christmas or your birthday to start appreciating that fact. Your body is also your best friend and a life long partner. It is a miracle. Your body has always been there for you. Since the moment you were born, your body independently gained the strength to fight for your life. No matter what you have gone through, or how tough life may currently seem, your body is still here with you - just as devoted, caring and understanding as it has been from the very beginning. Even in the depths of illness, trauma, or not nourishing our bodies optimally, your body has shown the ultimate form of compassion - unconditional love... While feeling weak

Every Body is a 'Good' Body

When did we come to view that it is so important to be really slim, fit, muscular, or have a ‘perfectly clean’ diet? Why did, somewhere along the line, we begin to not accept that we are perfect and good enough just the way we are - our bodies included? We live in a time when there are so many unnecessary expectations placed on us. whether those expectations are to do with our work, social lives, food intake, fitness, or body, they often inevitably make us strive for some of the least important things in life. The thing is, striving to meet these expectations only scratches at the surface of who we really are. They rarely help us to unlock the code that allows us to experience real happiness

Breaking The 'Rules' around Food

Have you ever been out for a meal, or went to a cafe, only to find that the whole situation filled you with more anxiety and fear than excitement? Instead of enjoying the social occasion, instead you felt like a mess - not physically - but because your head space was so full of victimising and messages, telling different stories and repeating the rules about what you can't, should, or should not eat. On the one hand, that cheese pizza or pasta looks divine, and you know it is what your body and social situation will thrive on. However, you also feel that such a meal might not look very 'good', plant-based, vegan, protein filled, clean, or healthy enough when you take a picture on your Instag

Life Isn't Too Short - It is the perfect length

For most of us, we are given just enough time to enjoy life to the full, find our purpose, seek out our dreams and make the world a much better place to live and thrive in. However, life seems to short because many of us waste away magical moments worrying about what we 'should' be doing - according to society's and others' expectations. Many of us get caught up worrying about our bodies, our appearance, what we are eating, how much we are exercising and how much we are faring in relation to other people. Many of us feel caught up in a huge competition, where they feel small and insignificant - As though they will never be quite good enough until they get the perfect job, most amazing Instag

Clean Eating ? Some Food for Thought from a Nourishing Routes Perspective

Do you need to eat clean to feel like a good person? Does food need to be as nutritious as possible in order to avoid feeling guilty of putting any type of food in your mouth? Does the quality of ingredients you use define your self worth as a human being? Does what you eat define your sole purpose on this planet? Regardless of how you answered any of these questions, what I want you to know is that YOU are MORE than what you eat. You are not based on this planet to make the perfect Instagram feed, eat the perfect diet, or 'nutrify' your body as much as possible. Yes, of course its amazing when our food choices play an important part in making the planet a more compassionate place to live, b

Dieting + Weight Loss = Happiness ?

Have you ever noticed how near enough every lifestyle magazine, news article or advertisement involving a diet or weight loss plan is often portrayed with someone looking happy or at least very content next to it? There are also those (often annoying!) before and after pictures, with the before image being of a person who looks notably unhappier that the after version? And then there are the masses of publications that speak about the joys of losing weight, and how it helped someone to finally be themselves again and lead a much more fulfilling life Although losing weight might benefit of minority of individuals (mainly those involved in the organisations that thrive off selling weight loss

A Life Long Relationship With Food

From the moment we arrive on the planet, all if not most of us enter into a relationship with food and nourishment. From receiving nutrients from your mothers placenta, to then finding comfort from being breast or bottle fed as a newborn, we immediately learn that consuming nutrients - in whatever form that may be - is essential for our growth and survival - even if this at first only happens at a subconscious level. Even at this subconscious level, we have entered into a life long relationship with food. However, food not only serves to nourish us, but also to create bonds with who we eat with, significant memories, and the cultural rituals we use to create our sense of identity. Whether th

The 10 Key Elements of Nourishing Routes

Here at Nourishing Routes, it is my mission and passion to empower you to experience a greater sense of compassion, and also to reach your full potential in mind, body and soul. At its core Nourishing Routes is based on 10 key elements that are all interconnected and, together, fuel our ability to reach optimal wellbeing and become the amazing people we were born to be. What's even better, there is no mention of food restriction, weight monitoring, or rigid exercise regimes ! 1) Compassion for the Self and Others The first steps towards reaching your full potential come from being kind to ourselves without negative judgement and self-comparison. We can accept ourselves as beautiful unique cr