Peace, Love & Joy with FOOD & BODY

That Christmassy time of year is upon us once again. The frosty mornings, cosy nights, and that warming feeling inside where life itself feels like the blissful scents of nostalgic spices, hot chocolate and sweetly mulled wines. For many of us, this is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’. But, for those of us who have learned the dark art of developing a negative relationship with food and body, Christmas can bring more anxiety and self-hate than it does random presents. It doesn’t have to be this way though. And, just like Christmas has been established as a time for Love, Peace and Joy with other people, so too can you create Love, Peace and Joy with Food and Your body. In a Nutcracker

The Lonely Road of Perfectionism

No one is born to be the best, or to be perfect. Yet this is what many of us constantly strive to do - with a fear of failure to boost. Deadlines to be met, standards to live up to and the desire to win at what we do at all costs. But what if being the best at something or perfect wasn’t the road we should be venturing down in order to obtain real success. What if I told you that you are already perfect just as you. The only thing missing is that you don’t already believe in it yet. Perhaps: You don’t yet believe that you are already ‘good enough’ ? You don’t already believe that your purpose on this planet is much greater than you can ever imagine ? You don’t realise that you are totally w

Feeling Fat is Worse than Being Fat ?

Despite the bombardment of news articles and research papers telling us that obesity and being overweight is bad for our health, and that fatness is becoming a bit of a pandemic, we need to face the fact that we are NOT being told the WHOLE TRUTH… We are told, constantly, that our growing waistlines are not only individual problems (rather than huge food industries and government policies), but we are also heading in a direction that is going to have huge costs to society and we should all take action to prevent otherwise. What we are not being told though, is that fat does not mean unhealthy, and being thin does not mean healthy. We also aren’t told that FEELING FAT is probably much worse

Dieting - Nothing To Lose ?

All to often, individuals embark on a dietary regime with one main goal in mind - wight loss or at least some form of transformation in physical appearance. However, what doesn’t seem to be promoted by the £60 billion diet industry is that there are many disastrous consequences of dieting to be aware of. But, of course these issues remain covered up because revealing them would likely tarnish the HUGE amounts of profit to be made by a society making business out of a so called obesity epidemic … What the dieting industry don’t explicitly tell us us that diets can lead to more than losing weight - probably including our minds and money in the process too! So what have we really got to lose, a

Dieting Vs Nourishing Routes Philosophy

In the Nourishing Routes Philosophy we talk a lot about ditching dieting / aims for weight loss, and how you can alternatively learn to love yourself while developing life long positive relationships with food and body. But, what does this actually mean in context? Well let me show you right here by comparing dieting to the Nourishing Routes Philosophy. Dieting - Aim is to lose weight or alter appearance - Being overweight or obese is viewed as unhealthy and to be avoided - Aiming to meet others' or society's expectations - Should only eat when physically hungry - Emotional eating is given a 'bad' name - Driven by insecurity, low self-esteem and poor self-compassion - Avoiding guilt, shame a