The Stillness of Personal Growth

You may be familiar with our society’s philosophy that, in order to develop as a person and get healthier, we must always be on the go. Whether that is studying, working in a full time job, or exercising for hours at the gym, the common mantra is to just keep moving. But what if that advice wasn’t true. What if there was more to gain if we just slowed down, or even stood or sat still altogether? The thing is, it is a myth that we human must always be on the move in order to gain any benefit. In fact, there is much to be said for the times where we have to spend just being, exploring our minds, expressing our creativity, and remaining completely sedentary - even if that means lying down on th

A Farewell Letter to my Eating Disorder

I remember the night when I succumbed to your gentle whispers. You promised me that, if I followed your words of wisdom, the pressures, anxieties and fears that I felt in the would would evaporate and finally leave me alone. I wanted to be at peace, with myself and the world, and you said that, together, we could have achieve those things - if only we could manipulate what we put into our mouths and how hard we worked to please other people. I believed you, wanting to finally be somebody, acceptable and, most of all, loved. But, as I soon found out, your promises became as empty as my concave stomach and emaciated ribs. Your gentle whispers became as sharp and painful as the jutting bones th

Faddy January's

A NEW year a NEW you? It's that time of year again - the month of fitness and dieting fads that promote new ways of living and eating in order to rid ourselves of the guilt of overindulging at Christmas and new year. Even though we are only in the middle of January, many of us will have already been bombarded with a mass of messages to tell us to "get slimmer" "slash body weight" "drop a dress/jean size" "lose the flab" "buy a fitness dvd" "invest in the latest juicer or smoothie maker" .... A bundle full of empty promises that likely lead to reductions in our self-compassion and self-worth (as well as any remaining pennies) rather than our actual body weight. Our health may even suffer as

Making Peace with Self Love - Bath time Stories

After spending a lengthy occasion in the freestanding bath tub of my hotel, the brewing time I took to steep with all of the rainbow speckles bubbles left me with some enduring inspiration about the topics of compassionate living and self love ... After gorging the huge open mouth of our bath tup with steamy hot water (and nearly a full bottle of sparkly shower gel…), I was able to lie back, sinking deeper and deeper into the soothingly calm liquid surrounding me. Almost fully submerged, I began to notice something unique about this bath time experience. It wasn’t the luxury skin products I was able to use, or the two bobbing yellow ducklings trying to make friends with my toes. No, it was t

New Year, NOT a New You ...

Its not all too unfamiliar to feel as though this time of year calls for drastic change. Common is the saying that January is a time for becoming a whole new you, often with a brand new diet, fitness, career or recovery goal to pursue at full throttle. But that type of message is a little bit sour in many people’s mouths (including my own!), especially when you may be feeling as though 2016 didn’t go exactly to plan, or all of your goals were met with perfection … The same bitter situations could also occur when you may still be struggling to cope with any current difficult situations, such as a negative relationship with food and body. You might also be feeling completely overwhelmed with p