Fiercely Does It

Fiercely Does It .... Don't play yourself down, hide away or live in fear... Fiercely does it When you feel alone, unloved and ashamed ... Fiercely does it When you feel as though your dreams are out of reach or not worth pursuing.... Fiercely does it When the waves of tormenting mind games crash upon you... Fiercely does it When you feel the urge to give up on your real hopes for yourself ... Fiercely does it When you are just about ready to throw in your towel and say enough is enough ... FIERCELY DOES IT !!! When we choose to live fiercely, we are brave beyond our means. We choose to look inside, at the wonder within, and know that nothing can stop the universes best plans for us. W

The Authentic Light Within You

What part of you wants to dance ? What part of you wants to sing? What part of you wants to scream I'm here, while jumping out of the closet that you've been hiding in for oh so many years. Guaranteed, there is a ball of energetic light waiting to shine out of you. What is that light? It longs to be seen, heard and and paraded in all of its glory, because its part of what makes you YOU - Your authentic self ... Who is your authentic self? Does she love making things, creating, singing, dancing, manifesting, wandering, exploring, supporting others ? What lights up your soul, without needing to feel attached to the outcome ? For far too long, I hid my own light - afraid of judgement and losing

Life Works For Us - Not Against Us !

Have you ever felt as though you’ve had enough - enough of the world testing you and your limits. Perhaps you feel as though you’ve had more than enough of your share of bad luck, whether thats several bouts of illness, trauma, grief, work stress. Then there's that feeling as though we can’t seem to get on the ‘right’ path. We see many others doing what we so long to do, yet at the same time feel so stuck in our own little rut of ‘bad’ luck to break free. I’ve been there too. Filled with a sense of ‘why is the world choosing to pick on me”. Looking back at all the times I thought these things (and let me tell you, there were so many!), I now realise how naive I was. All those times when I th