Free from Guilt - Living Guilt-Free

I grin like an excited cheshire cate as I dip my chocolate coated fingers once more into the deep glass bowl filled with the decadent frosting - the glossy mixture that I have just prepared to top my double chocolate brownies. After gently tipping the bowl and watching the sweet elixir of life layer itself like a seductive goddess into the wide open mouth of my baking dish, I delicately swirl my fingertips around the edges of the bowl, carefully salvaging any last droplets of divine goodness before gently placing it upon my salivating tongue Not so long ago, eating anything chocolatey, let alone eating anything outside a scheduled meal or snack time would have been forbidden and avoided at a

DIVE in to Your DIVINE

DIVE in to your DIVINE ... There is something so divine within you - Something so incredibly pure, mysterious, magical and connected with everything that ever was, is and ever will be. In a material world, made up with its expectations and standards, the divine within feels lost and intangible - all the while we learn to fixate and grasp more and more onto the tangible. Yet nothing, no riches, appearance, fame, weight, fitness level, status or fortune can ever make us as whole as we already are. We always have been. The divine, deep inside you and us all, has existed for many millennia beyond our human concept of time. It was reborn within you, as the light of consciousness, allowing the ess

What Are You Really Hungry For?

When we starve ourselves, emotionally binge eat, or place any rigid controls over food, we are not just sending a cry of physical hunger. We are shouting out that we are soul hungry - our soul is hungry for life, hungry for love and hungry for leaping forth into enabling you to become the person you truly are. Any seemingly sabotaging relationship with food is our soul's hungry cry to be fed and nourished with the things it needs to thrive. These things aren't just physical or in a food form - they play our as cravings for friendships, autonomy, control, relationships, belonging, creativity expression, compassion, acceptance and self-love. The forced wearing of many masks and the intense fee

Live in LOVE not FEAR

We are made and born out of love. A love so immense and vastly expansive that we can not fully comprehend it. Rather than seeking answers about the universe's creation, have trust and faith that we were all created by a love centred universe - a divine entity that brings life, joy, happiness and compassion to all beings everywhere. Miracles happen all around us - every minute of every cyclical day and season. But in order to see them, we must be aligned with the universal language of LOVE - NOT FEAR. Fear brings the darkness that shadows our sacred vision from Miracles - instead directing our anxious attention towards pain, suffering, lack and feeling trapped. Fear is the out of tune note th

Choose Light

Choose Light When the world feels like there was only ever darkness Choose light When there is a void in you that feels like a black hole ready to swallow you up... Choose light When bad things happen and you feel like you have no control over the actions of others... Choose light When you feel as though evil turns its head at every corner... Choose light When you feel on edge that bad things and trauma permeate every corner of the world and your life... Choose light Choose light because thats what we are made of. The light of the universe is within us all, that compassionate glimmer of stardust that radiates compassion throughout our body, others and the world. When we choose light, and be