Live Your Wander-FULL Life

As we get older, we can develop routines and structures that seem to place us in a space of flow. However, as time goes on, we notice that our routines become structures that develop a certain stiffness to them. We too become stiff and rigid - scared to wonder what life would be like if we did things a bit differently. We become scared to wander. Wadering is a deep seated human need for pondering about life and exploring what is ‘out there’. We didn’t get on our patch of island, wherever we belong in the world, out of pure luck. We are natural born explorers, and history shows that wherever humans go, we wander and wander around. Wanderlust is a key characteristic of ours, and we just so hap

Rule Breaking is a Smashing Adventure

How many of us have lived dictated by rules? The rules of: Not to venture too far away from home ... Not to speak unless you are spoken to ... Not to answer back or question the status quo ... Not to eat over a certain amount of Calories ... Not to consume a forbidden or ‘naughty’ food … Not to trust our heart, stomachs and natural instincts ... Not to have food outside of specific meal times ... Not to travel to countries that are perceived as unsafe ... Not to walk less than 10,000 steps per day Not to do things last minute without any preparation far in advance ... Not to trust anyone other than our family or very close friends … Not to go out of the house without makeup Not to wear clot

Addicted to Food Control

How many of us can resonate with the words food obsession and food control ? How many of us have ever felt an incessant urge to be on top of everything - our work commitments, Calorie counting, weighing food, calculating macronutrients, or pre-planning every morsel of food we will eat. How many of us have become so obsessed with reading articles around the health properties or ‘harms’ of certain foods, watching endless ‘what I eat in a day’ You tube videos and episodes of Come Dine With Me and other foodie programmes, alongside hoarding multiple collections of cookery books (most of which we haven’t attempted to make even a handful of recipes). Alternatively, the images and videos we see al

Healing Our Mother Wounds

So many of us grow up carrying the burdens, insecurities, social conditionings and the falsely held beliefs of our mothers. Even with their very best of intentions for them to love and nurture us, we can grow up sensing , knowing, that something was missing. Many of us grow to see and emotionally feel the scars of our mother wounds, which become implanted upon our own soul. That fear of rejection and need for unconditional love that feels unsettled and constantly bubbles up to the surface of our hearts and throats. We grow thirst for their love, but sometimes when our mothers cannot provide it, through no fault of our own, we learn to search for it on the outside. Meanwhile, we learn the myt