The Most Wander-full Time of the Year

This is the season that taught me to wander Through the bitter cold and scarcity we still grow much stronger As I navigate these untold paths and long unknown roads I shed away each dusty later, whilst the true me unfolds As a whimsical summer draws in to become those long forgotten days The creator inside me longs to embrace each new morning in frost-golden haze I remember that once I was so without, but now its time to wander within, While each tree unshackles its green beauty, I can't help but grin ... For much of our world, autumn symbolises a loss and a lack But the real truth is, in the strengthening shadows, we gain so much back Our natural cycles are wise, most conscious and sincere

Never Lose Sight in the Fog

Sometimes, we feel as though the fog is so heavy and thick, that it will never lift. Sometimes we feel that our last petal is about to wilt Sometimes we feel as though our flowing river has reached a dead end, rather than reaching the sea it was promised long ago when it was but a drop of water falling from a cloud. Sometimes, though, we don't realise that part of the stopping on our journey is part of our renewal... Just when we felt completely submerged in the fog, withered and unable to flow any further, that is when the true magic was brewing ... Sometimes it is in our greatest darkness and emotional turmoil where real growth happens again. Just because we became so blocked and lacking i

The Rhythm of Loss and Life - An Autumn Poem by Marissa Pendlebury:

Twilight breaks through the twinning of trees, Each sweep of a sun ray, interweaving all manner of leaves I hear as their soft twigs finally snap, And a flutter of sweet smoky amber falls to its back Resting upon the nourishment quenched woodland floor The ground speaks its wisdom and calls out for more I look skywards to see an effervescent paparazzi-like light, Through the canopy mesh it flickers, blinding my sight. The voices of wildness chime with its glee Perhaps its nameless choir is a calling to me? I feel grounded, connected to this mystical allure But No being can know what this intuitive forest must soon endure… A shatter of hearts, a breaking of bones. A decay of what spring and s

Liar Liar

Vicious are the words we sometimes feed to ourselves - mouthful by mouthful our mind ingests the nutrients of multiple lies that many of us tell ourselves every single day, morning, afternoon and night. Most of us go through life at some point becoming a victim of someone else or an event - but so many more become the victim of our own mind - which lies and traps us in believing we: - Look disgusting ... - Don't deserve love ... - Aren't good enough ... - Will never find happiness ... - Will be doomed to failure ... - Won't experience our dreams ... - Can't be competent at anything ... - Can't be independent ... - Will always be relatively inferior to other people we admire ... No matter wh