The Lush Sound Bath - An Ear and Soul Tingling Review

Using a unique blend of natural sounds, singing bowls, tuning forks, ear candles and soothing facial massage, The Sound Bath Treatment at Lush aims to lullaby you into a trace like-state. As you naturally drift into a meditation attained by even the most devout yoga enthusiast, you are bathed in etherial sound waves that enable you to venture within the deepest and most mysterious depths of your true self - all the while letting go of and fully releasing any worries and hectic stimuli. Like any other Lush treatment, the Sound Bath is one that involved me becoming fully amazed with the ornate attention to detain and compassion offered throughout my stay. On this occasion, I tool a little tri

What Can We Learn From The Humble Squirrel

What can we learn from the humble squirrel? There is a lot we can learn from the everyday cycles and natural rhythms of nature - especially when it comes to the curious creatures that we share our beautiful planet with. One animal that immediately springs to mind is the humble squirrel - a creature with an absolute zest for life, play, survival and fun. It is the teensy tiny squirrel that, beyond all odds, is able to prepare exceptionally well to survive harsh and bitter winters, through its innate skills of diligent preparation and energy storage. I do admire watching squirrels, especially when walking my dog in a luscious ever-green park or woodland. Although my dog may not be as intereste

Nothing Tastes As Good as Skinny Feels?

Many of us can remember the flurry of media attention when the infamous model Kate Moss made the tummy curdling statement that: “Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels”. You may think there is a fat chance that anyone would believe this, but that reality is, very unfortunately, far from the truth. What this inevitably led to was a growing belief that we all need to strive for the ‘taste’ of being slim. Many swung into unhealthy dietary and exercise behaviours with the pure (yet soul destroying) aim of feeling better about themselves in appearance - armed with the false hope that simply losing weight and being viewed as slim would bring them acceptance and peace of mind about themselves (some

Gaining Weight in Recovery - Re-feeding the Soul

Many individuals who have experienced an eating disorder, myself included, may have encountered the distressing situation of needing to gain weight. To onlookers, this seems like a sought after dream - food with no restrictions with endless supplies of chocolate, cakes, donuts and sweets in sight. But for the person recovering, weight gain can feel such a scary prospect. The idea of eating more and looking different seems like jumping off a cliff with a bottomless pit. There is also the nerve wracking fear that gaining weight will prevent you from being ‘worthy’ of support, and also feeling like a ‘fraud’. Not to mention, breaking away from an identity that might have felt part of you for s

Getting REAL about Eating Disorder Recovery

Recovery from an eating disorder means lots of different things to lots of different people. But, what most of us can agree on, is that our own form of recovery allows us to live life more freely, fully, happy and able to reach our full potential. In other words, we could ask ourselves: Is our relationship with food and our body enabling us to become our best and more compassionate selves? Am I still tied down with preplanning meals, counting calories and not feeling free to make my own liberated choices around food Do I still feel the urge to compensate the food that I eat, such as by walking more, going to the gym, counting steps, monitoring Calories burned or becoming obsessed with a cert

Feeling Like You Have Over Eaten in Eating Disorder Recovery

In eating disorder recovery, whether you are weight restored and have re-established regular meal patterns or not, you may have frequently still toyed with the idea of: “Did i just eat too much”? Perhaps far too often, thoughts about overdoing it at your last meal swamp your mind, which has become muddy with questions such as: Did I serve myself too much pasta Did my porridge bowl look too big Why the hell did I order a starter, main and dessert I ate way more pizza that i originally intended Why did i spoon a second helping of curry Why did I go for additional ice cream after dinner even though I didn’t feel hungry That meal out was so oily, and must have contained a gazillion calories I’ve