Real Recovery Chocolate Chip (Gooey Centred) Cookies

Theres not much more that I enjoy than being able to sit down in a cosy chair with a cup of tea while dunking in a hefty chocolate chip cookie in it (sorry to people who think that would be offensively sabotaging tea!). But its not just any cookie that I’m dunking - I’m talking about the ones where a caramel-like crisp outer layer encases a melt in the mouth gooey centre. I’m also talking about the cookies where you don’t have to read the back of a packet to calculate the Calories (that doesn’t matter in the slightest). If theres on vital component of recovery, it being able to enjoy the small moments of life, even the simplicity of baking your favourite cookies, licking the mixture out of

Top 10 Tips for Coping on Holiday with an Eating Disorder

For most individuals, the promise of sun, sea, sand, an adventurous road trip, or a flight to a faraway lands sends them into a flurry of excitement. Likewise, the prospect of going on holiday makes the majority shimmer with a golden glow before they’ve even had a chance to nestle themselves into a sun-adorned deck chair. However, if you have ever been ‘fortunate’ enough to have endured an eating disorder or any form of unhealthy relationship with food and body, any excitement may be overshadowed by a soggy tsunami of fear, anxiety and over-thinking. Where most people usually travel with another person for yourself you may face taking along an additional and unwanted member of the party - yo

Gaining Weight in Recovery - Re-feeding the Soul

Many individuals who have experienced an eating disorder, myself included, may have encountered the distressing situation of needing to gain weight. To onlookers, this seems like a sought after dream - food with no restrictions with endless supplies of chocolate, cakes, donuts and sweets in sight. But for the person recovering, weight gain can feel such a scary prospect. The idea of eating more and looking different seems like jumping off a cliff with a bottomless pit. There is also the nerve wracking fear that gaining weight will prevent you from being ‘worthy’ of support, and also feeling like a ‘fraud’. Not to mention, breaking away from an identity that might have felt part of you for s