Unmasking the Self that Lies Beneath the Eating Disorder

As you set out upon the endurance testing road of recovery, you may begin to notice that not all is what is seems. Or, more interestingly, you are not what you have seemed. Of course these vague questions could mean anything, but I’m specifically referring to what it feels like to be living with an identity that has been moulded out of mental illness rather than the real you underneath. Beyond the eating disorder, there may be a person who is at odds with the one you live with day to day - the one that feels at the mercy of every command an eating disorder that has manipulated you at the expense of your own wellbeing and authentic identity. Perhaps, with your eating disorder taking charge, y

Life Beyond A PhD

There was a time when I worked so hard, Getting A’s at university But the acolade I wanted most Was the prestigious PhD I’d work late into evenings, Running from the library to and fro All in the hopes I’d be accepted for a PhD Letters I did’t fully know. I tried to please my teachers, While the pressures grew and grew Overworking till my fingers hurt So that all spare time was few Many would think its in my best interests, A golden opportunity But now I’m not so purely sure I need that PhD Many friends already have one, They showcase it with glee And sometimes I feel like the only one Who lacks fancy post-name letters - 1, 2 and 3 I know it means more prestige, And fancy letters to my name

Keeping a List of Values in Eating Disorder Recovery

Whether you are recovered from an eating disorder/disordered eating or are still enduring the battle for freedom, you may have experienced times where you have felt lost and unknowing where to turn next. Maybe you have found yourself at a point where you can’t fathom why or how you got to your current point in recovery, and whether or not it is worth continuing the journey. Maybe you have lost the original reason for the fight, or experience the idea that life would be so much easier and ‘safe’ if it took place in a smaller body again, while using food as coping tool to numb out pain and negative emotions. This might be especially so if you now view yourself as physically healthy/healthier t