The Time to Shine is Now

There is divine beauty through the stillness There is meaning to old pains There is truth and wonderment in everything we have and do, So we realise life can be reclaimed. The men and women here before us, Knew the ancient wisdom of these grounds Knew how to feel, and truly heal, The stagnant energy within our wounds. The time is now to come back to all you’ve ‘known’, To the roots of everything that always was and is, Honouring ourselves up in vulnerability, Because our bodies are no longer ‘Hers’ nor’ His’. As the wounded walk, life’s roads come to a fork, Where we realise each path contains a puzzle, To show us that we’re all here for a greater reason, Than the daily grind or financial hu

Farewell old Body, Hello Life.

I have dwelled in a body, so small it could break, Mind numbingly cold, perhaps not awake? Lost in a bubble, the passing world but a blur Seemingly safe, and yet fickle, without connection or care. Hiding in the darkness of starvation, so the world might perceive, this woman who feels unprepared to grow up, So scared so naive... Of a world that feels unforgiving and viciously cruel While unaccepted, alone, unknown, appearing a fool. Building baracades within the diminishing shell that grows hollow within, No emotion, no laughter, only guilt and the drive to be thin. Not out of vanity or attention, but for pursuit of self worth To return to a purpose, where one is reclaimed by the earth. Star