60 - 90 minutes of dedicated coaching and support via Telephone, Skype (Globally) or in person locally. (Cheshire, Merseyside UK). Time is dependent on personal need and preferances, but everyone is offered at least 60 minutes, with time allowed for over running of sessions when more support it needed (e.g. when meeting in person or challenging fear foods).


What can you expect from coaching?


  • Build a life for yourself beyond your eating disorder.Redirect your energy that your eating disorder takes up and put this in to you recovery.
  • Create meaning and purpose in your life to feel inspired, motivated and full of life.
  • Stay on track with commitment with your recovery plan.
  • Align your life with the values you choose.
  • Repair your relatiionship with your body and make peace with food.
  • Introduce movement of your choice in to a recovered way of living.
  • Putting you back in control of your life.


 I am able to offer practical, social and psychological support with meals, shopping, recovery challenges (including snacks and overcoming food fears), socialising, taking up new hobbies and getting back in the driving seat of your own life. Support includes regular contact and accountability support throughout the week via email, text, or any other mobile platform that suits you best - helping you stay on course for your recovery mission and personal goals.


For all Face to Face sessions and Skype/Telehone calls must booked through our office: Email: nourishingroutes@gmail.com  Telephone: UK - 07412676888  +44


Please contact ourselves at the above to book your FREE 30 minute telephone or skype call.


60 - 90 Minute Coaching + Weekly Support