No diets, detox plans or calorie counting guides are within the pages of Nourishing Routes. Instead, get ready to be inspired to love yourself from the inside out, while reconnecting with your inner compass - the innate tool that guides you towards what makes you feel truly happy, healthy and able free break away from any less than loving relationship with food or body. Thanks to this life-affirming guide, written someone who has battled and overcome her own food and body demons, get ready to place life back on the menu while becoming the very best version of yourself.


Everyday we’re assaulted by headlines screaming new information about the best way to lose weight, buy into the latest superfood, embark on ‘clean eating’ and rigid fitness regimes, or how to get enviable model midriffs. It’s no wonder everyone is confused as to what are the real routes to happiness and health, while more and more people become dissatisfied with their own appearance and self-worth. Meanwhile, over 1.6 million individuals are affected by an eating disorder in the UK, costing over £18 billion pounds per year. 


Marissa Pendlebury was no exception to these statistics. At the age of fifteen she was diagnosed, and hospitalised, with anorexia nervosa, depression and body dysmorphia. After years of fighting to overcome these problems and being ascribed useless meal plans to stick to, Marissa saw no light at the end of the tunnel. It wasn’t until the passing of her grandfather, her best-friend and champion for a positive mental attitude, that Marissa finally woke up to the realisation that it was up to her to find her own unique routes to happiness and health. Finally, after years of low self-esteem, she gained the confidence to go to university and follow her  passion to work with disadvantaged communities and individuals experiencing poor mental health. By eventually becoming a qualified expert in nutrition, positive psychology and health sciences, Marissa conducted her own research into recovery and wellness, and found that there is a key fundamental nutrient missing from most people’s lives - Vitamin C - Compassion 


As a much more enlightening and Compassionate approach to wellbeing, Nourishing Routes empowers readers to take a more holistic outlook on health and happiness by using compassionate living as the key and not basing their self-worth on what or how much they eat, weigh or exercise. Nourishing Routes additionally enlightens readers to how there are around 10 key elements of happiness and health, all of which do not revolve around their weight or needing to eat or exercise in a particular way. Alternatively, these 10 key elements are founded on the art of Compassionate living, where individuals can appreciate their innate talents while being able to love themselves from the inside out and break away from any form of disordered relationship with food or their own body. Ultimately, Nourishing Routes guides individuals to find their own unique pathways to health and wellness so that they can live life according to their own values and become the amazing people they were born to be. By doing this, Marissa invites readers to join her growing tribe of Compassioneers, which are individuals from all walks of life who are able to take steps (no matter how big or small) to love themselves and live more compassionately in whatever enjoyable form that may be. 


Nourishing Routes is at once the result of Marissa’s deeply personal self-development and an invitation to all individuals to join her on a a journey of positive transformation using compassionate living as the key. Divided into five parts, Marissa begins by introducing the concept of Nourishing Routes. She explains what it means to live more compassionately and offers light- hearted activities to help identity your own personal needs before moving on to show how we can then apply these concepts to our everyday lives. Marissa then specifically targets the area of food. A section closet to her heart, Marissa explores the damaging side of clean eating and faddy diets. Although keen to stress that the new wave of lifestyle trends come from a positive place, she asserts that in the individual it can quickly become overwhelming. Instead Marissa hopes to inspire those to break free from negative relationships with food and encourage a positive mindset that doesn’t involve branding foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or feeling guilty for what we do or do not eat. Progressing naturally to the subject of physical exercise, she highlights the importance of exploring different types of exercise and enjoying the experience rather than employing a rigid regime that can become boring and feel like a chore. Finally, Marissa concludes the journey with a life-affirming pledge that states her sixteen simple commitments to starting a life of compassionate health and wellbeing. 


Offering a combination of deeply personal experiences and academic study, into the fields of nutrition, health sciences and positive psychology, Nourishing Routes provides a heat-warming and accessible life-guide to anyone wishing to make real, long- lasting and positive changes towards their relationships with food, mind and body. 


About the author:

Apart from being a passionate lover of tea and biscuits, Marissa is 24, lives in Warrington and is a graduate of Health Sciences and Nutrition (BSc) and Psychology (MSc) from Liverpool Hope University. She has also completed a course in Public Health and Counselling (PGdip) at John Moores University. Today Marissa is a wellness coach and mentor specialising in eating disorders and compassionate living. She also hosts group workshops and a unique multimedia online course to help other individuals going through similar life experiences. Nourishing Routes was recently awarded the title of Best Social Value Business, Liverpool 2016. Her new book, Nourishing Routes, will also be published on the 17th January by Authoright Publishing in paperback and ebook. 

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