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The holes that make us Whole

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There are dark holes in what make us whole.

The gaping gaps we dread to face and feel.

The holes we wish to bury,

Hoping that they’re no longer real

Abandoned among eternal darkness in fear,

We mourn the missing, the hurt the pains, the gone.

But just because our dark holes exist,

Doesn’t mean we aren’t still ‘one’

As ‘one’ we tread through treacherous and uncontrollable grounds,

Sometimes falling down the rabbit hole.

But making our way out, despite strongest doubts

Is part of what seeks to make us whole.

To seek the light, we must embrace the dark

And sit through all the mist, the mud and murk.

At times unknown, in fear and dread,

Is when we grow most strongest to do our work

For our real work can not be pursued,

if we always seek the sun.

Sometimes its oddly wise, to delay our rise,

To fulfil in the darkness what must be done

The scars etched by our traumas

May leave us feeling empty, porous and weak

But to know the entire universe is filled with dark and empty space,

Can help us find what we truly seek…

And even in the teensy spaces between our cells,

That swim in darkness and circumstance unknown,

Its right here where they continue thriving,

In this scarcity they’ve grown

Sometimes light can not be seen in plain sight

It must be believed in, with hope and trust

Only knowing dark from inside out,

Can we break through what keeps us trapped with forceful thrust

Keep your enemies close some may say,

Know their every thought, obsession and move

Find out their desires, jealousies and motives,

And what they’re really trying to prove.

Learning to know the things we fear,

facilitates the strong and wise

To not divert, but bathe within our hurt,

Is what can bake us enough to rise.

For it is in the darkness, traumas and life’s gaping holes,

That really teach us who we are.

About how we already have everything we need,

And that the journey into light is never far.

And just as night turns to day,

There will come a time when the sun rises within your heart

And when it finally emerges from its intentional slumber

You may just realise that you and the light were never truly apart.

So trust the process of falling into darkness

Feel through each crevice and gaping hole

Trust that darkness in neither friend nor foe,

But that it made you uncover the illusion that you were anything but whole.

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