Hi, I'm Marissa !


After spending many months in and out of hospital and clinically intimidating therapy rooms, I felt that there must be something better for individuals in Recovery from an eating disorder. 


 I also knew that i needed to go on my own compassionate journey to wellness that didn't involve obsessing about weight, Calories, strict routines and numbers. 


Aside from learning everything I possibly could about Psychology, Nutrition, Counselling and Health at university, the real progress was made outside the classroom.


I reclaimed back my life through practicing self compassion, social connection, yoga, practically challenging all of my fear foods, travelling, expressing creativity and understanding the value of peer support from someone who really knows what eating disorders and the recovery process feels and looks like. 


 I believe that we can all be experts by experience in our own recovery, and I invite you to take a journey with me to reclaim back your own recovery journey and ultimately your life


With my passion for Nourishing Routes and sharing its message across the globe through my book, public speaking and coaching,  I am finally able to live life to the fullest.


I love to empower as many individuals as possible to find their own Self-compassionate Journey to reclaiming their own recovery through being able to:

 Love Food,

Adore Your Body

Become Yourself 


Nourishing Routes refers to a compassionate, lifelong journey where we can view  health and wellbeing as something much more meaningful and beautiful than the exact nutrients we eat, what we weigh, or the amount of exercise we carry out. 


" Being nourished is not solely something we can

directly attain from energy or nutrients in food –


I believe that there is a much more

exciting adventure to be explored "


" Through peer mentoring, advocacy and teaching yoga, I have a mission to help empower individuals and communities to lead a more compassionate lifestyle - 

without being held back by a

negative relationship

with food and body "


My  Expertise


I have lived in the shoes of someone in the depths of an eating disorder, body dysmorphia and depression, and now i'm here to share my journey to FULL and REAL RECOVERY.


As well as delivering peer mentoring and coaching to individuals with eating disorders, I am also a qualified yoga teacher. For me, yoga was a vital tool that helped me so much on my own recovery journey, and I am just as passionate about sharing this amazing practice with individuals of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. 

My commitment to empowering others is aided by my experience of working in the fields of  positive psychology, public health and eating behaviour researcher. My philosophy is also complimentary with research and social justice movements involving body positivity, health at every size,

and self-compassion

My Qualifications include: 

Nutrition and Health Sciences (BSc)

Psychology (MSc, MBPsS)

Yoga Teacher (200 hour IYN)

Public Health and Addictions (PGdip)
Counselling (Cert)

BEAT Ambassador 

Health at Every Size Mentor (Well Now)