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Gaining Weight Eating Disorder

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Nourishing Routes Book

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 This Support E-Learning Workshop Offers Practical Support and Advice for Anyone who is Suffering from an Emotional Eating Problem.

 It is also an excellent resource for parents and carers supporting someone with an eating condition or for anyone who is suffering from a less than loving relationship with food or body and wants to get well.


There will be several opportunities in this e-workbook for you to gain skills and inspiration for FULL recovery, while also being prompted to take action with the use of several activities that can be successfully applied in your own journey forwards.

​Together, step by step, we will tackle your deepest fears, rekindle life long positive relationships with food and body, and find ways of living the life you were born to lead as your most authentic, free and best self.

Learning Objectives

During this online course on eating disorder recovery you will;

  • Understand and pursue REAL Recovery

  • Identify differences between the weight your body wants and the weight the mind wants

  • Let go of the Eating Disorder identity and find your real meaning and purpose

  • Notice the habits that are keeping you trapped

  • Overcome fear foods

  • Optimise meal planning

  • Develop ideas for meals

  • Eat the foods that you genuinely love and enjoy

  • Happily order food from a restaurant or cafe with ease and without restriction

  • Become able to hand over control to someone else

  • Break free from obsessive Calorie counting and weighing food

  • Conquer strange eating habits

  • Optimally combine exercise recovery without obsession

  • Take time for self care and relaxation

  • Learn how to cope with negative feelings and be able to express emotions

  • Successfully overcome the urge to restrict, compensate or purge food

  • Use distraction tools before, during and after eating

  • Fit in you recovery with work and / or education priorities

  • Break free from triggering situations and toxic relationships

  • Harness support systems and strategies that aid full recovery

  • Find the inspiring quotes, resources and mantras that promote recovery

  • Align your recovery with important areas of your life

  • Break ties with the Eating Disorder for good

“Marissa has created an inspiring resource relevant for all eating disorders. It highlights that full recovery is possible and offers practical tips for getting there.”

Dr Karina Allen, Senior Clinical, Psychologist, FREED-Up Project Manager, Eating Disorder Service, Middle House, Maudsley Hospital. 

 Medical Professionals Carers Parents

A CPD Certified Course

This online course has reached the required Continuing Professional Development (CPD) standards and benchmarks, and the learning values have been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality by the CPD Certification Service.

CPD helps individuals to focus on how they can become a more effective professional.  It enables them to adapt positively to changes in work/industry requirements.  CPD shows a clear commitment to self-development and professionalism.

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Published Books

Nourishing Routes Book

Over 370 Pages of Recovery Empowerment, Wisdom and

Self-Love Tools to help you to Love

Food, Adore Your Body and Become Your Authentic Self

A Compassion-Centred Guide 
to Gaining Weight and
Reclaiming Life 
(Digital Recovery Support)

“Marissa has created inspiring resources relevant for all eating disorders. She compassionately highlights that full recovery is possible and offers practical tips

for getting there.”

Dr Karina Allen

Senior Eating Disorder Clinical Psychologist

Gaining Weight Reclaiming Life
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