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Over 100 Video's to Support and Motivate Your Recovery Journey

When recovering from an eating disorder, one of the hardest things is finding who you really are again. Without that huge obsession around food and body, what is it that you really enjoy, and what is your real purpose that lights you up and enables you to be self-compassionate and also make the world a better place to live ? In this video I’ll be showing you exactly how you can begin to develop a new positive sense of self during your eating disorder recovery, so you can find out what are the activities, hobbies and passionate that you really long to engage in find meaning in. I’ll also be sharing some of my own personal experiences of food obsession and what I did to develop a whole new positive identity away from food.

You Tube Videos

How to Reclaim Life Back -
Not just Weight

Nourishing Routes YouTube

My YouTube Channel
  Watch over 100   Recovery Support Video's 

 Eating Disorder Recovery & Beyond

Going on Holiday with an Eating Disorder

Recovery at Any Weight

All Foods Allowed -
Eating anything you like in Eating Disorder Recovery

Self-Sabotage to
Self-Care with Food

The Universe Works For You -
Not Against You

Finding Yourself Before and After
Eating Disorder Recovery

Being You-nique

Eating Disorders Stem From
Missing Life Ingredients

Gaining Weight in
Eating Disorder Recovery

No Such Thing as
Empty Calories

Breaking Free From Your
Eating Disorder Identity

Taking Time Out in
Eating Disorder Recovery

Breaking Free From 
Society's Expectations



You Are Not Your Eating Disorder

Eating Disorder Recovery 
is Possible

My Channel

My Channel

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