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School Speaking & Teacher Training 

Rarely am I happier and more excited than when I deliver a talk or group workshop to children & parents regarding building up a resilience to mental health and the social media influences that can enhance the problems.

It is my mission to share the unique philosophy around compassionate living and helping individuals do develop positive relationships with food, mind and body as much as possible.

To do this I have already developed my own workshops, and have spoken publicly in front of hundreds of people at various conferences, schools, colleges,  universities, workplaces and TV shows.




"Marissa is an award winning speaker and one of the most inspiring young female role models of our 21st Century. As well as being a qualified expert in psychology, public health and nutrition (BSc, MSc), she has successfully overcome anorexia nervosa (which she suffered throughout her teenage years), depression and body dysmorphia.


Her transformational journey was hugely aided through learning and utilising the art of self love, developing positive relationships with food and body, alongside following her own nourishing routes towards happiness and health.


According to Marissa and the Nourishing Routes philosophy, authentic happiness and health is not achieved through following faddy diets, counting calories, losing weight, embarking on rigid fitness regimes or even getting the perfect grades and career (as she knows all too well), but instead by learning to accept ourselves as we are now, expressing our creativity, enjoying food, making positive social connections, living more mindfully, being grateful for what we already have, engaging in pleasurable movement and becoming empowered to follow our own path (nourishing routes) in life rather than trying to meet the unrealistic and damaging expectations of others, social media and other pressurising societies.

Marissa was awarded distinctions in health sciences and Nutrition (BSc) at Liverpool Hope University, while completing a nationally recognised service and leadership award due to her ongoing contributions to voluntary sectors, youth support sessions and multiple community empowerment organisations.


Believing that there was so much more to health than food and exercise, she then completed a masters in psychology (MSc), as well as becoming trained in counselling and public health (PGdip). After two years working in public health research activities related to eating behaviour, stress and addictive behaviours, Marissa finally quit her full time job to continue blogging, writing and focussing on following her own heart - with the ambition of being able to share her own story and the Nourishing Routes philosophy far and wide.


Marissa recently won an award for the best social value organisation in Liverpool and is recognised as a revolutionary public speaker, peer mentor, eating disorder recovery coach and newly published author. Through delivering interactive workshops that take place in classrooms, workplaces and online settings, she shares the Nourishing Routes philosophy in a very passionate and 'easy to grasp' manner.  In April 2017 she won another award for Highly Commended Individual at the National Symposium Health and Wellbeing Awards in Kent, Sponsored by Kims Hospital.


Marissa additionally has expertise in delivering workshops and talks that raise awareness about issues surrounding eating disorders, stress, poor body image and pressures around social media, so talks can be adapted and tailored to suit the unique needs of different schools, colleges, universities and age groups.

In a nutshell, Marissa is well on her way to inspiring thousands (and eventually millions) of individuals to live more compassionately and love themselves from the inside out. Through her empowering talks, new book and online content, Marissa is rapidly spreading a very powerful message across the globe that is positively transforming the way our current and future generation views happiness and health.

Ultimately, Marissa is here to mission to help, inspire and empower you and your students to resonate with a very important and revolutionary message, so individuals can realise that they are amazing and fully worthy enough to appreciate their own unique qualities.


Nourishing Routes is here to place our lives back on the menu, so that we can all become the very best version of ourselves and reach our full potential in whatever shape or form that may be"


Mary Maguire: Chair of HSFG and North West Fibromyalgia group


"Marissa is an amazing speaker who empowers people to face their tomorrows with renewed confidence. She has an innate ability to speak on many different levels to capture the right level of interest and attention.


Marissa was an absolute pleasure to work with, and her passion radiates all around her and to all those she meets. Would definitely recommend Marissa to anyone looking to inspire others with positive self-esteem and motivation to follow their heart and dreams" 


Rob Watson: Senior Youth Worker, Warrington Youth Centre

"It is truly fantastic and inspiring to see what Marissa is now doing with her life, developing Nourishing Routes, and sharing a very important message and philosophy with others. From reading her book, and listening to her talk to a large audience, I can definitely say that Marissa has a message that should be heard by all people, especially young people.


It is a healthy living message, but not what has become the traditional sense of (e.g. dieting and exercising). Having seen her in action, I have no doubt in her ability to be successful and help individuals look after themselves more in a way where they can attain optimal health. She speaks with great wisdom, passion and clarity around this message - a message that is completely her own and can help so many children, teenagers, young adults and older people alike." 

Charlotte Collins: Aviation Course Leader, Warrington Collegiate

"Marissa has a wonderful and heart warming message to share with the world. Her caring and compassionate nature shines through in all that she does, and this combined with her personal story of triumph after the darkest of times makes her an ideal role model. Her underpinning message of loving your body and being comfortable in your own skin and being healthy with a balanced approach to modern day living is increasingly relevant to young people. Furthermore, she and the nourishing routes ethos provide a refreshing change to the body and calorie counting obsessed society many of us live in.


Marissa does an amazing job of connecting with, engaging and educating people who usually buy in to this distorted view of modern life. The activities and her delivery style are very thought provoking and inspiring, leaving participants and her audience with a desire to action change. I would not hesitate to recommend Marissa and her workshops and talks to anyone, but particularly to those working with young people and, of course, young people themselves." 

Sally-Ann Hogan - Primary School and Special Educational Needs Teacher

"Using true life experiences and thorough research, Marissa Pendlebury offers accessible self help guidance to everyone to enjoy food and appreciate who we are now, to live a more fulfilled life! She is an inspiration to all and a very passionate, confident and well spoken public speaker that can reach out to all ages"

Roy Owen - Psychology Teacher, Birkenhead 6th Form College

I first met Marissa a little over a year ago and ever since her passion for empowering people to develop a healthier relationship with food and become more self loving has shone through; she is a true ‘compassioneer’ as she calls it. The message that nourishing routes promotes has grown out of Marissa’s firsthand life experiences and thus she is highly qualified to deliver such a needed message to young people, adults and the world.


Marissa is a truly genuine soul and unlike so many in similar fields, she is embarking upon this journey for the right reasons, to help others and create a happier and healthier world with a little bit more love in than perhaps it had before – I know that she will go far.

Making a Booking

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