"It is our mission to empower you to find the key to complete freedom with food and your body by 

putting a life filled with self-compassion back on the menu"

Eating Disorder


Find out how to break free from restriction and find complete freedom with your mind and body

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Join me for compassion-centred yoga and events that empower individuals of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds

Published Books

Eating Disorder Recovery Book

Book Launch Event

Over 370 Pages of Recovery Empowerment, Wisdom and

Self-Love Tools to help you to Love

Food, Adore Your Body and Become Your Authentic Self

Gaining weight in eating disorder recovery

A Compassion-Centred Guide 

to Gaining Weight and

Reclaiming Life 


“Marissa has created inspiring resources relevant for all eating disorders. She compassionately highlights that full recovery is possible and offers practical tips

for getting there.”

Dr Karina Allen

Senior Eating Disorder Clinical Psychologist

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