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A uniqurly empowering break-through session with myself, providing you with the tools, skills, confidence and self-compassion to help you break free from any negative form of relationship with food, body or yourself. 


If it is your first session, you will be offered a FREE 30 minute consultation call to see if this coaching support is right for you and how we can tailor it in the very best way possible to your personal needs.


Each of these sessions are uniquely tailored to your unique circumstances and the issues you would like to tackle/resolve. The approach used is based on the Nourishing Routes philosophy, self-compassion therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, positive psychology my personal experiences of overcoming anorexia nervosa, depression orthorexia and body dysmorphia, in addition to over 3 years of supporting individuals with eating disorders (anorexia nervosa, orthorexia, bulima and binge eating disorder) and depression.


Sessions can take place over the phone, via skype or in person*


Sessions can be arranged as a one-off session, or booked multiple times for a more powerful impact in your recovery journey. Lessons booked in bulk result in long-term cost savings to make your recovery journey more affordable.


FREE 1 to 1 Coaching - 30min Taster Session

  • Once you have booked and paid for your 1 to 1 coaching session, I will contact you via email to arrange a suitable time and/or location for our session/sessions to take place. 

  • Unfortunately Refunds are usually not possible once booked, but any appointments arranged can be altered/moved to a different date and/or location if you are able to notify me personally within 24 hours of our arranged session.

Nourishing Routes
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