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Our Compassioneer brooch, was created by a fabulous French Jeweller. Created in 925 Silver and encrusted with a real emerald stone.  All hand made.

To be worn with pride on your very own recovery journey.


I created this Brooch as a personal inspiration and reminder to individuals that they have committed fully to their recovery and that they can really break free from their eating disorder. Its a bit like jewellery for the soul, serving as a little promt that we deserve to be kind to ourselves and that we can fully recover!


I am so excited to share this beautiful brooch, which I designed alongside a passionately creative French Desiner who owns the beautiful brand Strasser Creations. With both of our hearts in the philosophy of Nourishing Routes, we designed something that will empower people to feel part of a growing tribe of individuals who love themselves from the inside out - a true compassioneer. 


I only have a very small number of brooches available, with each being unique. They are being sold at the cost it took for me to design and play a role in hand crafting them.


All brooches will be delivered with Free Postage and Packaging with some extra special goodies for you to enjoy. 


All Brooches come with the incredible opportunity to have a FREE taster Coaching Call with myself, to be booked at a time that suits you. 


If you would be interested in owning a unique piece that is a symbol of your own or another person's empowering journey forwards, as well as being embossed with the essence of compassion, please email myself for further details:


You can also phone me directly on 07412676888

Solid 925 Silver Recovery Brooch/Pin with Real Emerald

  • Hand crafted and designer made uk

    Compassionneer word is engraved

    Weight: approx 9.40 gr

    Size: approx: 3 cm x 3 cm 

    Metal: .925 sterling silver

    Hallmarked at the Goldsmiths' Company in London

    Hallmarked and sponsor's mark ECS (this is my sponsor's mark)

    The stone: 3 mm green emerald crystal cubic zirconia

    The green can vary in colour slightly from stone to stone and can be lighter and darker

    Attach on the back with a pin and clutch 

Nourishing Routes
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