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Nourishing Routes Yoga Chakra Body Positions

Nourishing Routes Yoga is founded on the belief that ANYONE, of all shapes, sizes, and diverse backgrounds can enjoy the huge range of benefits that yoga has to offer.


For me, the magic of yoga comes from learning the art of self-care, honouring your own physical and emotional needs, while having a safe space to simply listen to and become aware of everything around and within you.

My journey into yoga began very unexpectedly more than 10 years ago to help me cope with ongoing anxiety, body dysmorphia and anorexia nervosa.


I initially thought I would HATE yoga, as I was used to pushing myself to 'work harder' and 'do more'. I also couldn't even touch my toes! The very idea of keeping the body still for an hour while exposing my body in a room of other people felt terrifying... 

However, fast forward a year and I couldn't get enough of yoga. My weekly practice played a huge role in healing my relationship with food and body, as well as to cope with the loss of a very close family member. This inspired me to write and publish a book about living more self-compassionately, before qualifying as a yoga teacher so that I could share this life-transforming practice with others

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Why Choose Nourishing Routes Yoga ?

"If you’re sick and tired of being made to believe that yoga is reserved only for acrobats or ‘flexible people’ eating superfood smoothie bowls on a sunny beach in over-priced leggings then read on..."


These days, yoga classes seem to be popping up everywhere, so how do you choose the right one for you?


Crucially, yoga is first and foremost a compassion-centred activity that aims to reconnect the mind and body. Any class that advertises itself as a quick way to 'burn fat', 'detox', or 'look better' by losing weight is probably promoting false promises (while also glamourising and favouring certain body types over others).


There are far too many yoga classes these days that focus on burning Calories, perfecting postures and pushing the body to its limits in extremely hot and fast paced conditions .... not to mention, unnecessarily attempting acrobatic-like positions.


In my own personal experience, these types of classes often create an optimal environment for negative self-comparison, injury and competitiveness rather than self-compassion...

Nourishing Routes offers a more compassion-centred Yoga for individuals, of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds,  looking to develop life long positive relationships with their body, mind and their whole selves. 


It truly is possible to practice yoga in a way where we can accept ourselves completely, just as we already are.


As most of our lifestyles are already fast and hectic enough,

 Nourishing Routes Yoga gives you the space and time to slow down and calm the mind. Instead of jumping in and out of poses at lightening speed, we focus on gentle strength building movements that also aid psychological resilience and an ability to really experience the mind and body as it is in this moment. 

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