NEW Digital Recovery Support Journal for Eating Disorders.

New E-Learning Book

Gaining Weight and Reclaiming Life in Eating Disorder Recovery

What is Gaining Weight and Reclaiming Life?

Wherever you are at in your own journey to recovery, gaining weight can be one of biggest fears and challenges that keeps you chained to a life of restriction, low self-worth and un-fulfilment.

This weight gain guide and workbook avidly covers all the essential topics regarding eating disorder recovery, and stems from my own personal experience of full recovery from anorexia nervosa, as well as over a decade studying and researching into psychology, nutrition, health and holistic wellness. It has been designed as a compassionate companion that encourages you to become your own best friend while enabling you to break ties with an enemy that ultimately wants to destroy your life.

There will be several opportunities in this workbook for you to gain skills and inspiration for FULL recovery, while also being prompted to take action with the use of several activities that can be successfully applied in your own journey forwards.

Together, step by step, we will tackle your deepest fears, rekindle life long positive relationships with food and body, and find ways of living the life you were born to lead as your most authentic, free and best self”

Together We'll Explore How You Can:

  • Understand and pursue REAL Recovery

  • Identify differences between the weight your body wants and the weight the mind wants

  • Let go of the Eating Disorder identity and find your real meaning and purpose