There was Once Upon a Time... The Fairytale before the Eating Disorder.

eating disorder recovery

There was Once upon a Time, and there will be Another Time.

There once was a time where I could allow myself to be happy and nourish myself well without a second thought or a tinge of remorse.

A Time when I actively sought out ways to nurture myself rather than seek ways to restrict, punish, regiment, control, count, and self-sabotage.

As I spend time weighing out my plain porridge oats and almond milk, I think fondly of a time when I didn’t worry about control and how what I place in my mouth will influence subsequent feelings of guilt, negative self-comparison and dwindling self worth.

Instead of the sad bowl of oaty gloop staring back at me, there were once school mornings spent preparing sugary cereal or toasted waffles while happily watching programmes aimed at children atleast 4 years younger than I ….

This was likely followed by a gallon or so of milky tea and 1(or maybe two!) chocolate milky way bars when on the run to school !

Instead of analysing numbers on the packet of an overpriced superfood snack bar,I would happily enjoy the velvety centre of full sized Galaxy ripple, the delicate velvety insides of a bakery fresh custard tart, the gooey centre of a double baked chocolate brownie, or a double helping of of sugary sweetness from my local pic and mix store.