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The Time to Shine is Now

reiki attunement poem

There is divine beauty through the stillness

There is meaning to old pains

There is truth and wonderment in everything we have and do,

So we realise life can be reclaimed.

The men and women here before us,

Knew the ancient wisdom of these grounds

Knew how to feel, and truly heal,

The stagnant energy within our wounds.

The time is now to come back to all you’ve ‘known’,

To the roots of everything that always was and is,

Honouring ourselves up in vulnerability,

Because our bodies are no longer ‘Hers’ nor’ His’.

As the wounded walk, life’s roads come to a fork,

Where we realise each path contains a puzzle,

To show us that we’re all here for a greater reason,

Than the daily grind or financial hustle.

As empowered women we walk this new road together,

Shedding through each unsturdy layer of our past,

Knowing that we each have within our reach,

A love built to eternally last.

We unite through traumas far beyond

What any eye can see or sense,

Finding strength through asserting our true will,

No longer sitting on the fence.

The time is now to find what once was lost,

To forage the forgotten and be born upon a different course,

Seeking connection beyond the physical,

Winding our way right back to source

The abundant beacon of light within you,

Can no longer be contained or hid

To truly shine it must be bared and shared,

Its now up to you to open up its lid…

So here is an opportunity to break free from chains of all illusion,

That we were anything less than worthy souls,

Our time to shine and rise up high is now,

Reuniting all of us as ‘wholes’.

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