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Never Lose Sight in the Fog

self compassion

Sometimes, we feel as though the fog is so heavy and thick, that it will never lift.

Sometimes we feel that our last petal is about to wilt

Sometimes we feel as though our flowing river has reached a dead end, rather than reaching the sea it was promised long ago when it was but a drop of water falling from a cloud.

Sometimes, though, we don't realise that part of the stopping on our journey is part of our renewal...

Just when we felt completely submerged in the fog, withered and unable to flow any further, that is when the true magic was brewing ...

Sometimes it is in our greatest darkness and emotional turmoil where real growth happens again. Just because we became so blocked and lacking in hope, didn't mean that there would never be another avenue or miracle to experience ....

My message to you as a new dawn breaks and we see the light of a new moon, is to never lose complete hope in yourself. For every misty situation, see it as a mystery unfolding into an adventure you are still on.

This thing we called life is not a journey of endings - only new beginnings. New beginnings can only truly start when we have faith in the darkness, hope in the drought, and a deep burning passion to see ourselves through the other side. It will appear when we least expect it.

Together, we sail on ....

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