Real Recovery Chocolate Chip (Gooey Centred) Cookies

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Theres not much more that I enjoy than being able to sit down in a cosy chair with a cup of tea while dunking in a hefty chocolate chip cookie in it (sorry to people who think that would be offensively sabotaging tea!).

But its not just any cookie that I’m dunking - I’m talking about the ones where a caramel-like crisp outer layer encases a melt in the mouth gooey centre. I’m also talking about the cookies where you don’t have to read the back of a packet to calculate the Calories (that doesn’t matter in the slightest).

If theres on vital component of recovery, it being able to enjoy the small moments of life, even the simplicity of baking your favourite cookies, licking the mixture out of the bowl, and feeling free to nibble them whenever and in whatever quantity you want. Cookies never need to be associated with guilt, being unhealthy or gluttony.

In fact, I truly believe that the art of simple baking and enjoying the product (filled with REAL SUGAR minus any unnecessary ‘healthy’ substitutes like buckwheat flour, quinoa and whatever other poo tasting ingredient you can think of).

Also, we can sod off the hefty price tag of those ‘healthier’ alternatives, but really, who wants a batch of cookies to cost the amount of a deposit on your mortgage!

Thats exactly what these cookies were made for - allowing your recovery the room to experience enjoyment, satisfaction, comfort and the non-pompous ways of baking. Lets be honest, its the simplest and cheapest of recipes that sound best (good bye coconut sugar, coconut oil and expensive gluten free powders!!!)

To make THE BEST CHEWY GOOEY COOKIES you’ll ever taste, you can follow the simple recipe below for times when you feel you’d like a truly compassion-centred snack that doesn’t conform to societal health standards! The ones below are oatmeal, chocolate and raisin cookies, but you can substitute the addition of chocolate and raisins for the same amount of any other tasty nibbles. These might include fudge pieces, peanut butter, chopped nuts, cranberries, Maltese’s or just about anything you can think of).

To make a hearty batch of 12 cookies, you will need the following: