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Do You Search on the Outside for the Answer ?

Are you one of those people who search outside of themselves for an answer or reassurance for an unsolved problem. We probably all are from one small degree to another bigger one.

Instead of looking inside yourself to find the real truth for an answer in your life you probably already know, do you instead turn to google, multiple research articles, You Tube videos, magazine articles or the public lives of other people?

Do questions of should I do x, y z, or follow x, y or z lifestyle become based on what we see others do, or their own viewpoints on matters instead of our inner gut feeling?

This post isn’t criticising looking for answers in others, as other people’s life experiences and evidence based research can prove a useful and inspiring source of information. However, what I am criticising is the sense of distrust we have for searching within.

Instead of trusting our inner wisdom, we can instead become reliant on looking for the answers we want to hear, rather than the ones we actually need to hear. More to the point, out navigation system steers us away from our inner compass.

Our inner compass is that internal navigation system that allows us to lead a life where our authentic selves can be placed in the driving seat, allowing us to journey towards our most fulfilling, happy and healthy life.

Sometimes we mistake our inner critic for our inner compass, so we listen to negative judgement, or alternatively try to seek reassurance from others or external sources of information. However, if we take time to search deep inside of ourselves, we might find that we already know the answer to some of life’s most complicated issues or challenges. We just have to listen.

Listening doesn’t mean being aware of an audible voice. It could mean acknowledging that sharp gut feeling, spark of excitement, or sense of knowing that something doesn’t feel quite right. Listening simply means getting in touch with your authentic self, and trusting that you have the wisdom to make your own informed decision.

A key way I am able to listen more to myself is to cut off from social media for a few hours, sit sipping tea in my favourite cafe, go on a walk with my dog, or simply place pen onto paper and see what comes out. Whatever you choose to do, that allows you to be at one with your own mind, know that you have an innate ability to find the truth within you.

If its hard facts that you are looking for, then yes being informed about the latest research or debate about a topic will inevitably be useful. However, try not to fall too deep into the conversation and mindset of other people.

More to the point, if it a very personal issue to you that is cropping up, try not to seek reassurance in googling, you tubing or any form of social media platform ...

Likelihood is, by tuning in to so many different information outputs, you’ll probably be bombarded and overwhelmed with so much information, which not only makes it difficult to find and choose the real answer, but always makes us more able to choose the answers that we would want to hear, or the answers that we know would lead to meeting the expectations of others and society rather than pleasing ourselves ...

All in all, I would just like to give you a positive reminder that your inner compass is more well tuned to your own needs than any page on google, you tube channel, magazine article or research paper.

All you need to do is believe, trust, tune in, listen, and even listen a bit more. I think you’ll find that the answers you find will surprise you in a way that ultimately leads to the best outcome for you in the end.

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