Chocolate Infused Self-Care at Lush Spa - The Comforter Treatment

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Where can you go for a sumptuous mind and body extravaganza that indulgently involves being caressed with love, sensuality, sweet aromatic oils and luscious cream from head to toe ? Lush spa of course

After a heavily emotional week of turbulent ups, downs and round abouts, I was surely grateful for a self care treat and late birthday present that came in the fabulous form of a lush spa treatment. But not any lush spa treatment, one that I had been waiting to try for months - the comforter

Like a long lost love, the Comforter prizes itself on bringing you back to your childhood, and allowing you to be reunited with this unique, soulful and playful aspect of your true self. The comforter is exactly what it says - and more. Think charlie and the chocolate factory meets alice in wonderland …

As a sample overview of the treatment (before we get to the drop dead gorgeous details), it involves being comforted between two layers of heated blankets, while nourishing your soul with nostalgic music from favourite childhood films, nestled alongside aromas of indulgent chocolate treats, sweeties, soothing rose oils and playful massages that dance on your tightened muscles. A whimsical delight for anyone in need of a pick me up and stress reliever - and I was certainly the ideal candidate this week …

The comforter sinks you into the hazy, bubbling and fond memories of your childhood, lovingly reminding you that we are all innocent, playful, compassionate beings at heart, who long to play games, eat sweets, make friends and enjoy each precious moment of life

The whole 60 minutes of the comforter (with an additional 15 minutes consultation time) feels intimate and, thanks to the specialised and amazing therapists, as though you are being cared for by your best friend.

Before my own treatment, I was even freely provided with a rose oil hand massage while waiting, giving me a sneaky preview of what lay in store just minutes ahead.