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Chocolate Infused Self-Care at Lush Spa - The Comforter Treatment

lush spa liverpool

Where can you go for a sumptuous mind and body extravaganza that indulgently involves being caressed with love, sensuality, sweet aromatic oils and luscious cream from head to toe ? Lush spa of course

After a heavily emotional week of turbulent ups, downs and round abouts, I was surely grateful for a self care treat and late birthday present that came in the fabulous form of a lush spa treatment. But not any lush spa treatment, one that I had been waiting to try for months - the comforter

Like a long lost love, the Comforter prizes itself on bringing you back to your childhood, and allowing you to be reunited with this unique, soulful and playful aspect of your true self. The comforter is exactly what it says - and more. Think charlie and the chocolate factory meets alice in wonderland …

As a sample overview of the treatment (before we get to the drop dead gorgeous details), it involves being comforted between two layers of heated blankets, while nourishing your soul with nostalgic music from favourite childhood films, nestled alongside aromas of indulgent chocolate treats, sweeties, soothing rose oils and playful massages that dance on your tightened muscles. A whimsical delight for anyone in need of a pick me up and stress reliever - and I was certainly the ideal candidate this week …

The comforter sinks you into the hazy, bubbling and fond memories of your childhood, lovingly reminding you that we are all innocent, playful, compassionate beings at heart, who long to play games, eat sweets, make friends and enjoy each precious moment of life

The whole 60 minutes of the comforter (with an additional 15 minutes consultation time) feels intimate and, thanks to the specialised and amazing therapists, as though you are being cared for by your best friend.

Before my own treatment, I was even freely provided with a rose oil hand massage while waiting, giving me a sneaky preview of what lay in store just minutes ahead.

I had the opportunity to go to the Lush spa in Liverpool, through the secret door of the main store, and up a majestic staircase to where its secret indulgences lie…

As you enter the spa itself, on the top floor, you instantly feel bathed in serenity, calm and homely furnishings, which await you like a returning neighbour.

The whole vibe emanates plush farm house kitchen, and there are wooden side units adorned with indulgent ingredients, apothecary bottles and even cute little teapots - I’m in wonderland already.

My assigned therapist was as sweet as the Lush store itself, and went through each stage and product of the Comforter treatment with me, placing me at ease with her calming voice. It felt as though I was being guided and hugged from the inside, and I just knew that choosing this treatment was most definitely the right decision.

She said

“To begin with” while spooning liquid chocolate from a dainty teacup “we will a warning cacao elixir scrub, followed by a deep massage. Next, removing the god-like scrub with warm hand mittens, before sweetening and enriching each inch of the skin with rich rose oils.

Part of me dreamt of my skin breathing and drinking in a magical cocktail of chocolate turkish delights !

lush spa liverpool

Before your mind wanders into the practicalities of the treatment, YES, there is some undressing involved with this treatment (down to just your nickers), but I can reassure you that all your dignity will remain in tact due to the very skilful props and instructions used throughout.

Personally, I would never have thought that I could have got to the point of being able to reveal any part of my body to a stranger, yet there I was feeling comforted and relaxed at the prospect. I guess recovery from anorexia and body dysmorphia is even more empowering and amazingly liberating than I first thought - definitely worth all the highs and lows!

Next steps, where to be taken into the treatment room, which was hiding behind another barn-like door with a hanging chalk board sign whispering “Shhhh”.

Peering inside with the seductive squeak of its rustic door handle, I entered a menagerie of calm, tranquility and a ceiling of twinkling multicoloured starlights - glistening from red, greed, blue and every twinkle in between. Lush products, candles and hot oils garnished the rustically wooden side boards and dainty shelving. I also managed to spot 3 dainty teapots which, of course, made me feel even more at home.

lush spa liverpool

After being provided with plenty of time to undress in the perfectly warm treatment room, I was able to cuddle myself into the spa bed, facing upwards with my little cosy vanity blanket around the top half of my body. I placed the top blanket over my cool skin, sensing the warming heat from it wash over me like a steamy waterfall.

Oh my, that sure felt gurrrd ! especially with a cold rainy day lurking outside, thick with those weary grey clouds that masked the sun I so longed to feel.

My treatment began by firstly being soothed into a more comfortable position, while a delicate eye mask was placed on my temples. I soon felt soft fingertips approach my skin with the godly cacao scrub, with its luxury scent sinking me deeper and deeper into a dazy haze. It was at that point I heard the therapist switch on the tailored Comforter music album … Magical!

This brings me to another amazing point of each lush spa treatment, which is how each one has their own album, uniquely composed and tailored by a professional artist or orchestra that Lush collaborate with. The comforter album is based on childhood films and nostalgic songs, allowing any worries, stress or adult responsibilities to melt away like hot oil running along a candle.

lush spa liverpool

As you experience more of any treatment, you notice that each movement conducted by the therapist is rhythmically in tune with the music being played - pure harmony and bliss in an art form !

In the Comforter, each limb is provided with some very special attention, one at a time from your fingertips to your toes…

Firstly, the delicate cacao scrubs awaken the skin, peeling away the dead layers to the renewal lying beneath. Gentile hot hand mittens wipe away the remaining debris, before sweetening your thirsty skin with the most enriching rose oil I have ever encountered.

The entire experience is holistically warming, with only one subtle request - that you simply make a swift turnover midway through the treatment process so that your back can have an equally as indulgent treat.

This might sound scary if you’re not used to being undressed in front of a stranger, but the therapist has their eyes guarded by a blanket as you turnover to rest your head, face down, in a cushioned head rest - phew, dignity is intact !

Also, as you remove your eye mask to turn over, you instantly notice that the room has another essence of magic to it - It is filled with clouds of pinkly tainted bubbles dancing around the room. Its like they are part of the music. I felt as though I was 4 years old at a funfair with a blooming bag of freshly made candy floss.

After each music track played during the Comforter, more and more of my adult worries flew away, revealing the true, care free, innocent and playful child within.

By the end of the treatment, I was almost reach to buy my own bottle of bubbles, and watch disney movies all afternoon with my favourite sweeties and chocolates.

Speaking of sweet endings, once the last massage movement had come to an end (time flew by so quickly!), there was at least the promise of another very special treat to look forward to … A magical candy floss and rose syrup cocktail !

Before describing that though, I was given plenty of privacy and time to ease myself out of the spa bed and relaxed post, so I could now feel my soft baby-like skin. As I got dressed, I sensed that my skin had never encountered such a rejuvenating experience before, and because it was now so soft, putting on clothes felt like a whole new experience - I was reborn !

Walking out of the magical treatment room, and back to the cool refreshing atmosphere of the Lush kitchen, I was seated in a plush armchair, where my hand made candy floss cocktail awaited! My therapist explained that each treatment at Lush, as with its music, has its own signature drink to compliment it perfectly.

The Comforter candy floss cocktail was a symbol of reconnecting with our inner child, and I definitely felt mind leap for joy as she poured the rose syrup from a mini jam jar into an elegant glass filled with a fluffy bundle of candy floss.

As she did so, I felt a wonder of excitement as it magically disappeared before my eyes in a split second, transforming into a sweet silky drink. Sipping this giddy pink cocktail made me feel as though the whole treatment was being deeply encoded into my forever memories - I would never ever forget this.

lush spa liverpool

All in all, the Comforter reaches new dizzy heights in terms of an amazingly unique spa treatment. It whisks you away to Neverlands, far far away, where houses are made of chocolate, dreams really do come true and a happily ever after is a guaranteed prospect in life. It inspires you to believe that nothing is impossible and that, no matter how far fetched your ambitions, nothing can ever stop you apart from your own mind.

After my own treatment, I felt enriched, down through my skin, heart and soul. The softness and suppleness of my skin lasted for days on end. As each product is deeply rich in quality, your skin, like the harmonious rhythm of the music, won’t forget them in a hurry.

I really can’t recommend the Lush Comforter treatment enough. If you are really ready to break free from the shackles of your mind, or any unnecessary pressure, stress, low self-esteem or general neglect of self care, then this Lush experience is guaranteed to whisk you off your feet and into the whimsical care free wonderland where your heart, soul and innocently soft skin truly belong…

lush spa liverpool

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