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Life Works For Us - Not Against Us !

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Have you ever felt as though you’ve had enough - enough of the world testing you and your limits. Perhaps you feel as though you’ve had more than enough of your share of bad luck, whether thats several bouts of illness, trauma, grief, work stress.

Then there's that feeling as though we can’t seem to get on the ‘right’ path. We see many others doing what we so long to do, yet at the same time feel so stuck in our own little rut of ‘bad’ luck to break free.

I’ve been there too. Filled with a sense of ‘why is the world choosing to pick on me”. Looking back at all the times I thought these things (and let me tell you, there were so many!), I now realise how naive I was.

All those times when I thought the world was against me, or that I was stuck on a path far from the one I was meant to be, was a waste of time. In fact, without every single trauma and feeling of emptiness, I was actually becoming more and more whole. No matter how rough the ride, the world was making me rough and ready.

At the times I felt the weakest, were actually my strengths - just like a weight lifter feeling as though they can’t lift anymore, only to realise that their muscles become more defined and resilient in the process of training. And boy was i being trained by the world !!!!

The world never works against us. All it ever wants is for us to shine our lights and be the most authentic and loving versions of ourselves. We can’t do this unless we break down, go within ourselves, and learn a whole lot about ourselves along the journey.

Much of this journey is likely to be filled with heart ache, pain and feelings of not being able to go on. But guess what? Most of us continue to go on - we push through the darkness, and out of the thousands of pieces we have been shattered into, we emerge reborn, renewed and READY for life.

We can’t have too many lessons in life, but this can be hard to have faith in when we feel at the very bottom of an endless pit. When will the pain end?

Often we will not have a defined answer, but we can always choose to have faith. Listen to the creaks in your life, find the cracks, and trust that these will allow you to remould yourself into becoming ever more authentic and able to shine.

Whenever I feel alone and as though the world is against us, I think of being a stone in a catapult. We can’t launch forward unless we are pulled back - the more the better! Life is exactly like that in many ways. The further we are pulled back, the further we will fly.

Life will feel as though we are the victim of ongoing bullying, or as though other individuals are favoured much more than ourselves. But the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Life and the universe loves us all. It wants every single part of us to shine at its brightest.

All we need to do is trust and hve faith that life always works for us - never against us. Life manifests as the greatest amount of light you can imagine, and the more life can help you shine, the better! Just remember, deep down, you are light.

Let’s trust that our drawbacks will catapult us towards shining as bright as we possible can.

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