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Live in LOVE not FEAR

live in love not fear

We are made and born out of love. A love so immense and vastly expansive that we can not fully comprehend it.

Rather than seeking answers about the universe's creation, have trust and faith that we were all created by a love centred universe - a divine entity that brings life, joy, happiness and compassion to all beings everywhere.

Miracles happen all around us - every minute of every cyclical day and season. But in order to see them, we must be aligned with the universal language of LOVE - NOT FEAR. Fear brings the darkness that shadows our sacred vision from Miracles - instead directing our anxious attention towards pain, suffering, lack and feeling trapped. Fear is the out of tune note that stirs aggression, conflict, wars and the destruction of species.

We can dwell in the empty darkness of fear, or we can tune into love. We can strengthen our soul's vocal chords to sing to the tune of love, so the beat of our heart becomes sweet, soft, and mellow - opening to the light that is love.

When we feel that love enter and radiate throughout our bodies, it resonates with our entire vibrational frequency - the compassionate energy we were miraculously born out of. When we sing and dance to the rhythm of love, we are able to see all the miracles that surround our waking moments - leading us to see and transform trauma to opportunities for healing and growth.

We also notice the Synchronicities of how our lives and actions deeply intertwine with others in a way that is far beyond luck alone.

When we choose love, we can forgive, learn, move forwards, transcend, grow and bloom into a beautiful rose - a rose that can then be gifted to the world with a promise of love.

There can be no darkness in the light of love, because living in its rays reflects the miracles and love that each one of us already are. Lean towards love. Sing it in your mind and break free from fear. Then you can light the pathway for others and open the gateway to your miraculous world.

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