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DIVE in to Your DIVINE

dive in to your divine - nourishing routes

DIVE in to your DIVINE ...

There is something so divine within you - Something so incredibly pure, mysterious, magical and connected with everything that ever was, is and ever will be.

In a material world, made up with its expectations and standards, the divine within feels lost and intangible - all the while we learn to fixate and grasp more and more onto the tangible.

Yet nothing, no riches, appearance, fame, weight, fitness level, status or fortune can ever make us as whole as we already are. We always have been.

The divine, deep inside you and us all, has existed for many millennia beyond our human concept of time. It was reborn within you, as the light of consciousness, allowing the essence and playfulness of life to flow and shine through you like a beacon.

Your divine mission is simply this: Feel, hear, touch, smell, shine your light and become ever more connected to the web of all beings in the universe. This cuts across race, ethnicity, species, time and space, because we are all part of the same origami paper. Folded uniquely, but always part of the same source.

No amount of success or wealth can add to your divine nature. All we can do is learn how to unpick and unpack our many layers and belief systems, take off the false masks and allow our divine light to shine through the open doorways to our soul.

Appearances mean NOTHING if your authentic divine light can’t break the layers you have learned to hide behind. The divine IS beauty, and it can be birthed and brought into being through delving inside of ourselves - unleashing our creativity, passions and compassion in to the world.

So don’t hide in the shadows - fearing that you aren’t worthy, wealthy or wondrous enough. You already are! You were born this way, and nothing can take it away.

Stop hiding once and for all, and let the struggles of your past and present fade away. If anything, they have strengthened your ability to break free from the heavy shackles of suppression, so that you can finally sing your own song, follow your own nourishing routes, and shine the light of the divine that is embedded within us all.

DIVE in, and your DIVINE light will SHINE to ALL

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