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The Most Wander-full Time of the Year

autumn life hygge poem

This is the season that taught me to wander

Through the bitter cold and scarcity we still grow much stronger

As I navigate these untold paths and long unknown roads

I shed away each dusty later, whilst the true me unfolds

As a whimsical summer draws in to become those long forgotten days

The creator inside me longs to embrace each new morning in frost-golden haze

I remember that once I was so without, but now its time to wander within,

While each tree unshackles its green beauty, I can't help but grin ...

For much of our world, autumn symbolises a loss and a lack

But the real truth is, in the strengthening shadows, we gain so much back

Our natural cycles are wise, most conscious and sincere

If we trust their deep nature, we have but nothing to fear.

As the lighter dawns dwindle, while days hasten their close

Don't forget the evergreen seedlings within you that continue to grow ...

Those which grow our roots deeper and stronger, while we still long to dance

For it is what we break free and let go of, that entices a divine romance

Autumn is a time for new wanderings, renewals, and rekindling our song

Remember, we can still sing in the dark - it is what our soul longs ...

So my dear friend, don't let the frost bitten mornings deter from your might

They bless us all time for us to wander within, and caress our true light

To be both beautiful and vulnerable, lets beckon our fine petals and leaves to float to our earth

There is no time for death - only Rebirth

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