Feeling Like You Have Over Eaten in Eating Disorder Recovery

overeating in eating disorder recovery

In eating disorder recovery, whether you are weight restored and have re-established regular meal patterns or not, you may have frequently still toyed with the idea of:

“Did i just eat too much”?

Perhaps far too often, thoughts about overdoing it at your last meal swamp your mind, which has become muddy with questions such as:

  • Did I serve myself too much pasta

  • Did my porridge bowl look too big

  • Why the hell did I order a starter, main and dessert

  • I ate way more pizza that i originally intended

  • Why did i spoon a second helping of curry

  • Why did I go for additional ice cream after dinner even though I didn’t feel hungry

  • That meal out was so oily, and must have contained a gazillion calories

  • I’ve already eaten too much today, so why bother with eating another snack

  • I think the amount of butter and sugar in that brownie I just ate will make my thighs and stomach huge

I know I defin