Clean Eating ? Some Food for Thought from a Nourishing Routes Perspective


Do you need to eat clean to feel like a good person?

Does food need to be as nutritious as possible in order to avoid feeling guilty of putting any type of food in your mouth?

Does the quality of ingredients you use define your self worth as a human being?

Does what you eat define your sole purpose on this planet?

Regardless of how you answered any of these questions, what I want you to know is that YOU are MORE than what you eat.

You are not based on this planet to make the perfect Instagram feed, eat the perfect diet, or 'nutrify' your body as much as possible.

Yes, of course its amazing when our food choices play an important part in making the planet a more compassionate place to live, but when giving that compassion detracts from the compassion we are able to show ourselves, then we need to start asking ourselves a few questions...

If you have ever felt guilty, ashamed or worthless in relation to what you eat, ask yourself whether turning to food is the answer.

Yes, you may get an added bonus of nutrients to your diet and the functioning of your body, but perhaps at the same time you may be growing deficient in some vitamin C - Compas