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Life Isn't Too Short - It is the perfect length

For most of us, we are given just enough time to enjoy life to the full, find our purpose, seek out our dreams and make the world a much better place to live and thrive in.

However, life seems to short because many of us waste away magical moments worrying about what we 'should' be doing - according to society's and others' expectations.

Many of us get caught up worrying about our bodies, our appearance, what we are eating, how much we are exercising and how much we are faring in relation to other people.

Many of us feel caught up in a huge competition, where they feel small and insignificant - As though they will never be quite good enough until they get the perfect job, most amazing Instagram feed, the cleanest diet or any other standard of perfect that has been shoved in their mouths.

Yet, through all of that time stuck in competition mode, stress is induced, moments are lost and time feels like it flies by one hundred million times faster than it actually does...

The solution? ...... Compassion

- Compassion to give yourself a break

- Compassion to love yourself as you are

- Compassion to appreciate each magical moment you have been blessed with

- Compassion to live in line with what is right for you

- Compassion to feel restored and able to follow your heart

- Compassion to forgive yourself and not feel guilty

- Compassion to live a life that feels as though it was a life well spent (not earned)

You deserve it to yourself, and the universe deserves you to appreciate and become you

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