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Is Sugar the Devil ?

Well, apart from the issue of placing any kind of morality on what we eat, the answer lies in recognising that sugar is a founder or memories and social connections

When you blew out your candles on that specially made birthday cake. Sugar played a part

When you flipped your first ever pancake, sugar played a part

When you were given chocolate by your one true love, sugar played a part

When you ate pic n mix sweeties with your best friend, sugar played a part

When all of your family shared that box or speciality tin of chocolates on christmas, sugar played a part

When you iced fairy cakes for your school's tombola, disco or charity event, sugar played a part

This is not to say that sugar made an unwelcome invite, but sugar was there to play a role in making many of your nostalgic life experiences turn into pleasant memories that you can always fondly look back on.

We have used sugar for years, and it doesn't directly CAUSE diabetes, as we have been naively led to believe. Chronic health problems (as we are repeatedly reminded to fear and avoid at all costs) result from years of stress, anxiety, isolation, social inequalities, and several other great societal issues - not one food product alone.

We may have demonised sugar as being a key detriment to health and wellbeing, but isn't that a perfect solution to a much broader problem? Individual blame lifts the weight of responsibility from many many other parties who profit from that blame.

Sugar, just like anything we eat, forms part of a harmonious balance in life. Just like anything, it isn't that great if eaten in excess, but to be appreciated in moderation, when we feel like it and as part of social occasions, there is absolutely nothing to fear.

Sugar is not the devil, but perhaps all those scare mongering messages that surround food and health are ...

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