What is Your True Connection with Food

Where is your true connection with food and what you choose to eat?

Is it in remembering the exact amount of Calories that are contained within certain foods?

Is it in checking how much food you need to lose weight?

Is it in searching through reams of blogs, You Tube Channels and Instagram feeds to see how you can perfect your diet?

Is it though planning out exactly what you are going to eat in advance so that you can avoid any 'temptations' or 'fear foods'?

Is it through double checking that whatever you consume is as 'clean', nutritious or as plant-based as possible ?

If the answer is yes to any one of these questions, then I would like you to ask yourself, honestly, if this is the type of connection with food that you really crave? Is this the type of relationship with food that you want to have for the rest of your food consuming life (i.e. a very long time)?

In other words, do you want your connection with food to be founded on rigidity, rule setting, morality, ideology, perfectionism, or fear?

If no, then I invite you tho think a bit more deeply about what your true connection with food actually is, or can, be. For example, instead of thinking about specific amounts of Calories or macronutrients and dieting when faced with eating foods like chips, biscuits, cakes or your favourite meal, ask yourself what authentic connections and symbols these foods play in your life

Do they signify celebrations with family and friends, trips to the beach with your grandparents as you walk along the sand, late night sleepovers as you watch your favourite movies, getting messy and licking your fingers when baking, snuggling up close to someone you love at the cinema, dunking biscuits in hot tea, or trying a new cuisine for the first time while on holiday and soaking up the culture of that specific place?

Whatever your food memory, know that it is unique to you, and that it signifies that food is much much more than just fuel.

However, many of you may have times where eating certain foods has been accompanied by feelings of guilt, remorse, shame - even though food is part of what allows us to feel connected to life through feelings of nostalgia, excitement, joy and inspiration.