Becoming Your Authentic Self is a Bit Like Making a Victoria Sponge Cake …

victoria sponge

From time to time, or even every day, many of us can feel as though we are not being true to ourselves.

More to the point, we can feel as though we are following the path of someone else, some external expectation, while feeling further and further away from revealing and becoming our authentic selves.

Becoming your authentic self involves living a life that is directed by your own purpose and values, where thoughts and actions feel aligned and true to your whole sense of self.

I think we have all probably felt that strange and unnerving pang in our stomach when something just doesn’t feel right, yet we go along with a particular idea or behaviour due to the pressure of trying to please someone else.

Yet, living out of alignment with our authentic selves, over time, can become incredibly draining, stressful and both physically and psychologically detrimental to our sense of wellness

So, with the idea of becoming your authentic self being important on our life’s 'to do’ list, how can I help you to understand this in a more tangible format?