Dieting - Nothing To Lose ?

All to often, individuals embark on a dietary regime with one main goal in mind - wight loss or at least some form of transformation in physical appearance.

However, what doesn’t seem to be promoted by the £60 billion diet industry is that there are many disastrous consequences of dieting to be aware of. But, of course these issues remain covered up because revealing them would likely tarnish the HUGE amounts of profit to be made by a society making business out of a so called obesity epidemic …

What the dieting industry don’t explicitly tell us us that diets can lead to more than losing weight - probably including our minds and money in the process too!

So what have we really got to lose, apart from weight, in the context of dieting?

Well, we need to become more aware of the fact that it has been deemed unethical to promote dieting (any food-related change or regime undertaken with the of weight loss) due to the lack of evidence supporting whether they work, as well as substantial evidence to show that dieting often creates more harm than good.

For example, rather than promoting long-term weight loss or increased life expectancy, most diets are actually associated with:

- Weight gain over a long period of time, whereby individuals weight more than they originally started at

- Increased likelihood of binge eating

- Yo Yo weight cycling (which comes with its own negative impacts on health)

- Poor body image

- Increased risk and/or worsening of poor mental health

- Feelings of social isolation

- Negative relationship with food

- Increased time spent worrying and obsessing about food

- Reduced quality of life

In other words, diets are not health promoting, but can lead to severely diminishing effects on both physical and psychological wellbeing.