The Lonely Road of Perfectionism

No one is born to be the best, or to be perfect. Yet this is what many of us constantly strive to do - with a fear of failure to boost.

Deadlines to be met, standards to live up to and the desire to win at what we do at all costs.

But what if being the best at something or perfect wasn’t the road we should be venturing down in order to obtain real success. What if I told you that you are already perfect just as you.

The only thing missing is that you don’t already believe in it yet. Perhaps:

You don’t yet believe that you are already ‘good enough’ ?

You don’t already believe that your purpose on this planet is much greater than you can ever imagine ?

You don’t realise that you are totally worthy of love and acceptance from others right in this moment ?

Whatever your answers are, rest assured that none of us on this earth were born to BECOME perfect - We already ARE perfect.

We were placed on this planet to fulfil a much more meaningful mission, which in a nutshell is to use the best of our innate or developed talents to share our love and make the world a better place to live and thrive in.

But if we weren’t born to be perfect, then why do so many of us try incessantly to be so? Much of the answer lies in a society that has learned to thrive off exploiting individuals insecurities.

If everybody believed that they were imperfect, then striving to be so might just make them work harder, work longer, and buy into the latest products and services that offer them the opportunity to become the perfect version of themselves.

This opportunity though is a complete myth - a lie that sends many of us down a lonely road of overworking ourselves to the point of exhaustion, perhaps to the extent where we cut ourselves from friends, family and the activities that truly light us up and bring us joy.

The pursuit of perfection, when applied in a maladaptive way, leads us away from our authentic selves, and instead towards a path of living in line with someone elses standards and expectations.

But, let me tell you the truth if you don’t already know: