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You Are A Warrior

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Just to let you know, regardless of how you feel, think or look today, tomorrow or in one hundred years, you are a warrior - a beautiful, awesome warrior who probably doesn’t yet know their own strength...

Sometimes, each day might feel like an endless struggle - physically, psychologically, socially. But yet you go on.

You fight each and every day, even when you might not even get out of bed, and the world feels so violently dark and blind to your pain.

You, my friend, are a warrior.

Despite your hardships, and the barriers you face, you often push through, try to help others, and make a difference in the world. You might not always feel success or progress, but remember that even our most traumatic of experiences lead to abundant personal growth.

No one might fully understand your pain, or why you ‘just dont seem yourself anymore’. But you do understand. We can either choose to let the expectations and pressures of others bring us down, or, choose to believe in our inner wisdom to love and take more care of ourselves. But self-compassion is the truest and most powerful weapon of any warrior.

Warriors don’t just have physical shields or swords. But, like yourself, they do have a body and mind that keeps you alive and tries its very best to keep you safe and contribute to the welfare of others and the planet where possible.

Warriors can come in any shape, size, gender or state of health. But, they all have an underlying commonality - the desire to live compassionately, as a compassioneer. Warriors fight for what they believe in, and try to live in line with their values. They stay true to themselves, knowing that they are fighting for the greater good - no matter how weak, lifeless or unable they feel.

You go on, everyday, without even knowing what might come your way. Even when you thought you wouldn’t ever stand up, feel love again, or experience joy - you kept on going, trusting the unknown.

When you have those days or nights that feel prolonged, gloomy and desolate, know that you are still a warrior.

You still stand for something bigger in this world, no matter how small your actions are at any specific point in time. Rest assured, in the pain you suffer, there is also beauty. The beauty of life experience, of what you know brings light even in darkness.

You, the warrior in your own life, are destined to be the inspiring warrior in the lives of others. If you bring your own true love to yourself, there is no limit on what strength you can have. It is the fuel of life, and living to the fullest you possibly can.

As a warrior, you are beautiful, limitless, amazing, and always possible to be the very best version of yourself.

If you can fight for anything, fight for your own love, and the love of others will naturally return to you as your most precious fuel.

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