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Born to Self-Loathe or Self-Love ?

self love or self loathe

Self loathing and negatively comparing ourselves with others is not an accident - nor is it how we were created to thrive on this planet. These feelings are integrated from the outside, and we soak up negative messages like a porous sponge - messages telling us we arent good enough, worthy or lovable as we are. They feel an innate part of us, and yet they are NOT !! They are a mirage and a product of what society needs us to belive in and feel in order to continue a consumerism age.... We need to BUY BUY BUY into their latest beauty products, fitness plans, diets and fashions in order to keep them going. And, in the process, we are worn down like used sandpaper as the pressures of society grates on us day by day. For some this means a life of poor body image, disordered eating and utter self loathing. Acceptable? I think not!!! BUT we can change and take action. We can say NO to being exploited like this, and instead say YES to self compassionate living. That is what we were born to do, and its why I believe so much in promoting this philosophy far and wide - across the planet. Lets unite for a self compassionate world, where love for food, body and our whole selves creates a revolution that empowers society to thrive optimally, as more and more individuals begin to love themselves from the inside out.

If we are Love, lets make that Love spread

xxxxx 💜 💜 💜

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