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The Authentic Light Within You

authentic self

What part of you wants to dance ? What part of you wants to sing? What part of you wants to scream I'm here, while jumping out of the closet that you've been hiding in for oh so many years.

Guaranteed, there is a ball of energetic light waiting to shine out of you. What is that light? It longs to be seen, heard and and paraded in all of its glory, because its part of what makes you YOU - Your authentic self ...

Who is your authentic self? Does she love making things, creating, singing, dancing, manifesting, wandering, exploring, supporting others ? What lights up your soul, without needing to feel attached to the outcome ?

For far too long, I hid my own light - afraid of judgement and losing the many things I struggled to learn and achieve. The things I had developed in myself weren't really me though, just a shadow of who I thought i was. The light of Marissa casted a different shadow, and it was years until I gained the confidence to step into all she really was and continues to BE.

Whatever lights you up is your soul's light, and you are here to shine it. Don't be scared of what others might think, for the people in your life who love you for being you will stay - the rest will fall away...

There is no harm in letting the things and the people who don't support you to fade into the distance. Perhaps they are no longer part of your now or future - just the past, and you are not your past. You are NOW - this amazing now, and what a beautiful thing that is.

So what is it? What is your light ? Where can you find it ? What can you do to express it ? and how can you gain the confidence to share it with others and the world?

The world needs your light, because the more you shine yours, the more you can truthfully and authentically help others to shine theirs. Only one thing is more powerful than you shining your light ... when everyone has the confidence to shine their light together. That is what changes the world and makes it beautiful xxxx

Light, Love and cups of tea,


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