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Liar Liar

Liar Liar

Vicious are the words we sometimes feed to ourselves - mouthful by mouthful our mind ingests the nutrients of multiple lies that many of us tell ourselves every single day, morning, afternoon and night.

Most of us go through life at some point becoming a victim of someone else or an event - but so many more become the victim of our own mind - which lies and traps us in believing we:

- Look disgusting ...

- Don't deserve love ...

- Aren't good enough ...

- Will never find happiness ...

- Will be doomed to failure ...

- Won't experience our dreams ...

- Can't be competent at anything ...

- Can't be independent ...

- Will always be relatively inferior to other people we admire ...

No matter what the truth may be, these lies become insidiously woven through each withering cell. Cutting through our soul like a jagged edge sword while we claw at our own wounded hearts. Do we deserve it? Hell No! But do we often lack the insight to challenge our manipulative lies? Yes - often without us knowing they are there because they have become so normalised in our own psyche.

An insidious trickery that, even though we manifested ourselves, feels as real as a punch in our stomach. The empty stomach and concave heart that so longs to be filled with acceptance and love.

Sometimes we even consciously pick up on the fact we are lying to ourselves, but the option to challenge, question and unpick them feel pointless because we are so used to having more and more lies to back up the previous ones. We'd rather avoid putting up the fight because it all seems so exhausting and a never ending battle.

Perhaps the best way is to just listen and hope they will go away?

Curling up in a ball and believing our own lies allows us to go through life floating along. But what is floating when we know, deep down, we were born to find our wings and fly?

Perhaps you already have experience of flying, or know deep deep down within yourself that it is innate within you. That despite those insidious lies, you have a greater purpose and beauty within you that feels connected to everything.

That part of you in precious, because it is the real you. The real you is completely separate from the lies that have been personified through being stampeded with an incessant trawl of media, manipulative messages and societal expectations that try to make out we aren't good enough. Filling someone else's pockets at the expense of our emptying soul as we pour out our true sense of self-worth and love.

Slowly but surely, over our whole lifetime up until now, our true self became heavily masked and weighed down by the pressure of not feeling quite good enough, to the point where we need not be fed those lies anymore. We are able to feed them to ourselves.

This fills me with so much sadness because I know there is a much better world for us to uncover than the one where we are manipulating ourselves into the point of self-destruction. Many of us, including myself, have experience of following a path that has led to some extent of emotional or physical harm through believing our lives and the related pursuit of making ourselves feel lovable. Of course, as you may now, that pursuit rarely has an ending, as long as we keep the long line of lies coming.

So what can we do to escape the lies and empower ourselves to live in the true love of our authentic selves?

The answer to this is probably not a sentence, but I do believe that the answer lies in choosing to become critical of our own self-doubts. There is a part of you that KNOWS what it a lie, even if you consciously believe otherwise. Perhaps it is that pang in your gut, a tear that falls down your cheek, or just a sense of knowing that there is more to life that feeling beaten up by your own psyche. Becoming critical allows you to question where these lies came from. When did it come to be where you felt unworthy of love, too 'fat', ugly, incompetent, unable to achieve things on your own merit? Why might have you been vulnerable to believing the false stories you may have been told as a child or through the media or news that is thrown at us and though us daily?

When we question these things, we can at least become empowered to think of an alternative life that doesn't involve such lies. An alternative life that allows us to wake up and live with loving thoughts of self-encouragement rather than punishment.

A life lived with less lies to ourselves is one of the most liberating, because then we can tell ourselves what we are truly capable of. And what we are truly capable of is often so amazing that even our own complex minds can't work out the greatness of it. We need to have faith that our purpose here on this planet wasn't to just sit around and believe negative self-talk. That is exactly what is holding us back from reaching our full potential and showing this beautiful planet just how much we can do to care and love for it - just like we may one day love ourselves.

In brief, throw away those lies. We need not feel beaten and struck down by them any more. Chuck away the rigid rules you have set yourself if they serve any other reason than becoming the best and more self-loving version of yourself.

You deserve a life of truth, where above all, you can be true to you, the world and the entire universe. It is where your heart lies.

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