The 10 Key Elements of Nourishing Routes

Here at Nourishing Routes, it is my mission and passion to empower you to experience a greater sense of compassion, and also to reach your full potential in mind, body and soul.

At its core Nourishing Routes is based on 10 key elements that are all interconnected and, together, fuel our ability to reach optimal wellbeing and become the amazing people we were born to be.

What's even better, there is no mention of food restriction, weight monitoring, or rigid exercise regimes !

1) Compassion for the Self and Others

The first steps towards reaching your full potential come from being kind to ourselves without negative judgement and self-comparison.

We can accept ourselves as beautiful unique creatures who also have the capacity to be kind and compassionate to others - both in human and non-human form, as well as the environment.

This may involve taking time away from work and other people’s expectations to nurture yourself, as well as eating and exercising in a way that fills you with joy.

Being self-compassionate can help us to become more open to new ideas and ways of living, and can also involve:

- Buying or consuming products that minimise the exploitation of other humans, animals and the planet

- Volunteering

- Helping a charity

- Supporting a close friend, family member or a stranger