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Your Body is a Gift

Your body is a gift, and you don't have to wait until Christmas or your birthday to start appreciating that fact.

Your body is also your best friend and a life long partner. It is a miracle.

Your body has always been there for you. Since the moment you were born, your body independently gained the strength to fight for your life.

No matter what you have gone through, or how tough life may currently seem, your body is still here with you - just as devoted, caring and understanding as it has been from the very beginning.

Even in the depths of illness, trauma, or not nourishing our bodies optimally, your body has shown the ultimate form of compassion - unconditional love...

While feeling weak and even when being asleep, your body has known exactly what to do to keep you alive - directing all of our system organs, and cells, to remain active and functioning in the best way they know how.

Your body knows that, deep down, you love it too. No matter how many hurtful or self-destructive thoughts you have sent your body, underneath it all there was a whisper of hope of longing to give and receive love

Your body loves you still - perhaps even when you have thought you had been neglected or betrayed. Believe it or not, but at out most weakest times, when illness or poor health feels so consuming, our body is still there, fighting for us. It has our back and best interests at heart - every step of the way.

To allow ourselves to step into a life long positive relationship with our bodies, its time to appreciate that we were born to give and receive compassion with our own bodies, no matter how shattered and broken the relationship with your body might feel, now is the time to step up your game and say enough is enough.

You are tired of making it ok to not love your body back, or feel too shamed and unworthy to give and receive love from your body

Now in the time to forget the past, cherish the present and embrace the future of living in harmony with your body.

Nothing and no relationship is ever perfect, and the same goes for the relationship with our bodies. However, once we realise that we can live in harmony with our body’s with appreciate of the love and support it provides us with unconditionally every day, then we can start to really thrive

There is no longer time or space to be wasted on hating your body. The time is now to make peace, nurture and love your body in the beautiful way it has always loved you

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