Dieting Vs Nourishing Routes Philosophy

In the Nourishing Routes Philosophy we talk a lot about ditching dieting / aims for weight loss, and how you can alternatively learn to love yourself while developing life long positive relationships with food and body.

But, what does this actually mean in context? Well let me show you right here by comparing dieting to the Nourishing Routes Philosophy.


- Aim is to lose weight or alter appearance

- Being overweight or obese is viewed as unhealthy and to be avoided

- Aiming to meet others' or society's expectations

- Should only eat when physically hungry

- Emotional eating is given a 'bad' name

- Driven by insecurity, low self-esteem and poor self-compassion

- Avoiding guilt, shame and negative judgement

- Good/ Bad/ Forbidden Foods

- Counting Calories and/or nutrients

- Ensuring food is 'clean'