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Chasing Weight Loss ???

weight loss

Forget the RAT race. Many of us have been entered (consciously or not) into the human FAT race.

We are constantly being told (unnecessarily) that we need to lose that 'extra' 5 to 10 pounds, then we will be happy and healthy. We see glamorised before and after pictures, of models or clients looking significantly happier after losing the muffin tops they have been taught to loathe ...

Many of us chase the weight loss dream, endlessly believing that it will make us happier and more acceptable and lovable as a person.

BUT, no matter how much weight you lose, or how much you aim to lose, we need to ask ourselves what are we really chasing?

Is it health? Is it a beach body?

Is it simply weight loss really?

For the majority of us, the answer is NO.

The real answer, when we dig down deep below the surface of our image, is that we long for self-acceptance, self-love and to feel valued and loved by others too.

Society says that weight-loss WILL enable us to achieve all of those things, thanks to the ongoing thin privilege that exists.

However, it doesn't tell you that there are far better ways of attaining those feelings of self-acceptance and love from ourselves and others away from weight loss ...... probably because it doesn't make much money to huge corporations in the diet and fitness industry!!!

For myself, realising that my real need to feel accepted, valued and loved was a huge wake up call - A calling even.

It enabled me to find out that my time, money and energies in the world would be much better spent on activities that would allow me to become less judgemental and less focussed on negatively comparing myself to others.

The answer to real happiness and health revealed itself in self-love, not in self-loathing my body or trying to lose any amount of weight... Not even those 'last 5 - 10 pounds', that don't really have any real meaning on the actual meaning and purpose of your life.

I want to help you realise that too. Weight is rarely the problem (regardless of the so called obesity epidemic that is preached to us). Most health problems arise from not accepting and loving ourselves as the way we are now, as well as societal inequalities that place us in a state of stress through striving to be something we are not.

When we can all be free to accept and love one another, regardless of what we look like and weigh, we can more accurately chase the real trophies in life - acceptance, value and love.

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